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Can Enphase Battery Be Installed Outside

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Are you considering the Enphase solar battery?

If so, having a clear explanation of all the features and benefits of the Enphase battery backup and its requirements and installation specifications is essential in making the right choice for your home or business.

In this guide, we will address one of the most frequently asked questions about this industry-leading solar battery: Can the Enphase solar battery be installed outside?

Can I Install the Enphase Battery Outdoors?

Yes. Batteries by Enphase are compatible with the outdoor installation. 

However, like all solar batteries, it’s essential that you follow all manufacturer-specified requirements to ensure proper functionality and safety.

Installation for Enphase Solar Batteries

When you partner with PEP Solar for your Phoenix solar installation, you can be confident that you’re working with a well-versed team in all installation requirements. Our installation experts are prepared with the proper approach no matter what brand or component you choose.

Many home and business owners appreciate knowing the basics of the requirements of the products they’re considering. Here are a few critical guidelines for installing Enphase solar batteries you might want to keep in mind.

Solar battery spacing requirements

Unlike many other solar batteries, Enphase equipment has been tested per UL 9540A. They are exempt from the requirements that a minimum of 3 feet must separate state batteries because the Enphase batteries have demonstrated the safety capabilities to be situated closer.

For your Enphase IQ Battery to be exempt from the standard spacing requirements (3 feet), you must use proper wall-mount parts. 

All testing for the Enphase IQ Battery (3, 3T, 10, and 10T) was completed at the manufacturer’s recommended mounting distances:

  • 6” minimum between vertically-stacked battery units
  • 1” minimum between the IQ Battery 3 and 3T
  • 6” minimum clearance on the sides of the 10 and 10T batteries

Outdoor temperature considerations

What about the proper conditions for an outdoor solar battery in terms of temperature? Enphase states that its batteries perform optimally in a temperature range of 32 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. 

For Arizona homes and businesses, selecting an outdoor installation location is a critical step in the process. Enclosed spaces without air conditioning (garages or utility closets, for example) are not generally ideal.

PEP Solar can help you determine which is better: outdoor vs. indoor installation for your solar battery during the solar solution design process.

Can I install the Enphase battery indoors?

If you do not have the ideal set-up for outdoor installation, Enphase batteries can also be installed indoors. Your PEP Solar team can explain the manufacturer’s recommended installation process and set-up for indoor battery location.

Find the Optimal Solar Battery for Your Set-up from PEP Solar

Selecting the proper components is vital to making the most of your solar solution. But for most people, figuring out which solar parts are the best options can be pretty overwhelming – that’s where the PEP Solar team comes in.

Our knowledgeable solar experts can work with you to choose the solar solution that aligns with your needs, budget, and preferences so that you can enjoy as many benefits as possible. We’ll pinpoint the correct battery and other components; then, our Phoenix solar installation team will put it all together.

For more information about installing an Enphase solar battery, contact us today!

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