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Phoenix Energy Products LLC dba PEP Solar is the pioneer of the residential solar PV industry. We are the leading residential rooftop solar energy company, accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Our team comprises industry experts in engineering, design, and integration, boasting over 150 years of combined experience. We take pride in serving over 17,000 satisfied customers since our inception in 1978. Our company is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, using proven innovative technology, and displaying unwavering dedication to improving the lives of home-owners & business-owners while continuing the journey for our community for a more sustainable future.

For over 45 years, PEP Solar has remained committed to providing exceptional customer service by delivering reliable and cost-effective renewable energy solutions. Our primary goal is to enrich the lives of both homeowners and business owners by minimizing their energy costs and ensuring a dependable energy supply through a 30-year, 4-way guarantee, covering Panels, Inverters, Roof, and Service Labor. We take pride in being pioneers in the solar industry, having collaborated with Motorola in 1979, and our approach to the solar customer experience is unique, setting us apart from other solar companies. Our company’s core values are honesty, transparency, and customer education, which have been integral to our foundation for over 45 years. We prioritize ensuring that home-owners have a complete understanding of every aspect of their solar design Powering The Possibilities.

Our Mission

Phoenix Energy Products™ mission is to reduce dependence on dirty energy, coal, and foreign oil pollution; improve the quality of the air we breathe by utilizing an economically and socially responsible product line & manufacturers; deliver an honest, consistent and realistic message to meet our customers’ requirements; provide high quality proven products and create advanced energy solutions using solar energy.

We approach each and every project with Pride, Excellence, and Performance – the hallmark of our business practice.

Solar energy install using photovoltaic panels, solar storage, and ev chargers
PEP Solar history on the Navajo Reservation installing solar energy 1981

PEP’s Founder Bonnie Installing Solar in 1979


In 1979, Senator Barry Goldwater (an advocate for the Indian Nations) approached Phoenix Energy Products to meet with the chairman of the Navajos, who were seeking solutions for their community dying due to asphyxiation from burning kerosene lamps inside their hogans. PEP observed the community’s struggles and created a movie to take to Washington. With Senator Barry Goldwater’s assistance, $5 Million ($55 million today) was appropriated from the Navajo Code Talker fund to help install remote solar electric off-grid systems and provide comprehensive solar education.

PEP then met with Shell Oil who owned Solavolt (a division purchased by Solar World in 2003) and then later with Motorola managers who, at the time, co-produced solar electric modules under OEM for Phoenix Energy Products. Motorola Solar and Solavolt created solar panels for PEP in 1980 which were installed on the Navajo Nation. The selected Navajo families were provided with solar lighting, small TVs, refrigerators for medication, water pumping systems, and battery systems. By 1982, PEP Solar had installed over 191 solar electric PV systems, becoming the original solar panel installer in Arizona.

PEP also built energy-efficient expanded styrene Hogan homes and trained the Navajos on how to build them. At the time, Phoenix Energy Products was the largest residential solar electric installer company in the United States.

Phoenix Energy Products™ continues to foster relationships with the community. Our solar installation services are unmatched in Pride, Excellence, and Performance. PEP Solar has been around for decades, and it’s our holistic approach to reviewing your project needs and providing solutions with proven products that have made us the Valley’s leader in solar installation. Our PEP professionals are always excited to help people discover their own abilities to save lives, money, and our planet.

Demonstrating solar energy works on grid or off grid

In this picture from 1980, PEP is demonstrating our solar energy products and our PEP mobile showroom. Phoenix Energy Product’s “trailer” shown in the picture Gene K. is holding was called, the “Solar Energy Showroom”. Our energy showroom was driven to steamboat, so the tribal council members could see a live demonstration how solar worked. Mike Foster and Gene K. are demonstrating lighting, little tv’s, small fridges, and water pumping powered by solar.

From Left: Mike Foster, Ernest Begay (from Steamboat, Steamboat Chapter Vice President) is holding PEP’s solar panel, Peter MacDonald (first elected Tribal Chairman), Tribal Government District Leader in the hat. The bottom right is Gene K. (Sean Whitmer’s Grandfather and Bonnie K. Father). The signature is from Peter MacDonald the Tribal Chairman, “Good Wishes”.

Solar energy product demonstration

Gene K. is showing Chairman Peter MacDonald a mobile solar lamp and demonstrating how it works. Eugene “Gene” K. (Sean Whitmer’s Grandfather and Bonnie K. Father). The signature is from Peter MacDonald the Tribal Chairman, “Best Wishes”.

Pep Solar Senator Barry Goldwater (1)

Senator Barry Goldwater (center) on the Phoenix Energy Products job site reviewing our advancement in solar energy and energy-saving products, “PEP Panels”.

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PEP Solar History: Working with Motorola

A tribute to increased efficiency and technological evolution, when Phoenix Energy Products was installing Sola-Volt and Motorola Solar Modules, our wholesale price was $20 per dc watt. Today, most of our installs are under $4 per dc watt now. PEP Solar has a long history working with Motorola; the owner of PEP Solar’s mother worked hard for Motorola for 18 years, and played an integral part in the company’s technology transfer from Sola-Volt to Motorola Solar for OEM of PEP Solar’s modules. Motorola modules were made for PEP Solar back in the day, and we are proud that – through our working relationship – we were able to encourage Shell Oil (SolaVolt) to transfer this knowledge to Motorola. Without these partnerships, residential solar may have not taken off at a critical timeline.

PEP Solar is proud to be the oldest residential solar installer in America!

Navajo Town Using Solar Power

(Originally Published in the Arizona Republic in May 29, 1982)

The Navajo town of Steamboat, 40 miles west of Window Rock, has purchased 32 solar-cell lighting systems as a part of a continuing tribal program to bring solar electricity to its remote residents.

Already, 191 photo voltaic-powered systems have been installed on the reservation, providing isolated homes with power for lights, television, and radios.

Photovoltaic, or solar, cells generate direct current electricity directly from the sun. They can be used to power direct current appliances of the type often found in recreational vehicles, or the current can be converted to the alternating current used in most residential appliances.

The $40,000 for the systems at Steamboat was funded by the tribe as a part of a Rural Solar Energy Project started in March.

Each system includes a roof-mounted, 14-by-48-inch, 40-watt array of solar cells, a 12-volt marine battery, and a 16-watt fluorescent-light fixture. On cloudy days the solar cells will charge the battery, which carries enough power to last for six days of lighting.

The solar cells were manufactured by Solavolt International, a partnership of Motorola Solar Energy, Inc. a subsidiary of Motorola Inc, and SES Inc., a subsidiary of Shell Oil Co.

Homeowners can add additional solar-cell panels to run additional lights, radios, television sets and recreational-vehicle-type refrigerators, stereo sets and water pumps.

The tribe estimates there are 10,000 to 11,000 homes in the 180 towns on the 26,000-square-mile Navajo Nation without electrical service. The cost of bringing in utility service averages $11,000 a mile.

PEP Solar Navajo Image

While Mike Foster, an Engineer with Phoenix Energy Products, explains their use, Navajo Tribal Council Chairman Peter MacDonald examines the solar cells that will provide the town of Steamboat with electricity. Thirty-two remote homes are being outfitted, and 191 other Navajo homes have had their solar installations. Behind MacDonald is Howard Bitsui, executive director of the Navajo Division of Chapter Development.

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If you are considering choosing PEP Solar for your solar energy needs, we encourage you to read the letters of recommendation from our most satisfied clients and partners.  Our consistency is paramount for the last 45+ years.

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Efficient, affordable, and virtually maintenance free, PEP Solar has many solar products to offer. PEP Solar has been servicing, repairing, and installing solar since 1978.