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Powering The Possibilities

Powering The Possibilities

Solar Power is a valuable long-term investment for everyone.

Number One Solar Panel Installers in Phoenix, AZ

Welcome to PEP Solar, a locally owned Arizona energy company that provides our community with cost-saving renewable energy alternatives. Our solar panels are socially responsible alternatives to conventional energy sources and money-saving for your power expenses.

Not all solar power companies are created equally. As the irrefutable lead solar panel installers in Arizona, PEP Solar strives to deliver a thorough, professional, and unique energy service. 

We’ve been in business since the 1970s! 

With more than 45 years of experience in the solar panel business, we are experts in providing our customers with real solutions. PEP Solar has been the leader in solar education for decades and currently counts on a team of expert, seasoned professionals who are passionate about our business. 

Solar Energy is the Future.

Green energy sources are the ultimate life-saving force in your home or business, especially during unexpected blackouts that leave you at the mercy of your local utility company. Nowadays, everything needs electricity to operate. In Arizona, rising summer temperatures can soar well above the 100s, which puts you and your family in considerable danger if you lack access to electricity. 

As far as energy solutions go, solar panels and other sustainable energy options like battery storage walls and vehicle battery backup are essential. PEP Solar will help you determine which solar solutions best suit your specific needs. 

Our Services

PEP Solar offers alternative energy solutions for everyone. Our services focus on the following: 

  • Solar PV installation and reinstallation 
  • Solar Panel Removal
  • Solar Batteries
  • Solar Air Conditioning
  • Home Solar Inspections
  • Solar Shade Structures

Areas We Serve

As proud solar panel installers in Arizona, we service Phoenix and surrounding areas, including: 

  • Phoenix, AZ
  • North Scottsdale
  • Peoria
  • Glendale
  • Paradise Valley
  • Desert Hills
  • Surprise
  • Buckeye

We also offer our services in Austin, Texas!

Why Solar Energy is the Smartest Investment You Can Make

Are you wondering if solar is worth it? Here’s why it is.


If you’re concerned about the initial investment in a solar energy system, you aren’t alone. But here’s what countless Arizonians have already discovered: solar solutions more than pay for themselves when you add up your savings. Imagine how much you could cut costs if you eliminated your electricity bill – that’s what you can do with solar.

Tax Incentives

Both federal and Arizona solar energy tax credits and incentives are available for qualifying individuals. These incentives can significantly reduce your upfront costs and keep more money in your pocket.

Home Value Appreciation

Especially here in Arizona, solar panels are a significant selling point. Installing a high-quality system can make it easier if and when you decide to sell and help you score a higher sales price.

$0 Down to Install on Approved Credit

With PEP Solar, you’re always in control of the process – and there’s never any pressure or upselling from our team. You’ll be provided with an estimate for your solar project, with the option for zero down payment for installation (for customers with approved credit). We’ll keep you in the loop at every stage so you’re never left wondering what’s going on. And even after the power turns back on, PEP Solar is here for you.

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Solar Power Is The Smartest Investment You Can Make

Investing in sun powered energy is not only an ecologically friendly decision but can help you cut corners and save you a lot of money. We’re here to provide peace of mind.

Long-term savings

Cutting the cost of your electricity bill is the most attractive solution for solar panels and solar-powered energy alternatives. 

Tax incentives

Both federal and Arizona solar energy tax credits and incentives are available for qualifying individuals with a solar energy system.

Home value appreciation

By increasing your home value, installing a high-quality system can make it easier if and when you decide to sell at a higher sales price.

$0 Down To Install On Approved Credit

With PEP Solar, we’ll provide you with an estimate with the option for zero down payment for installation (for customers with approved credit).

The Solar Ready Pool Pump Pays for Itself and then Pays You to Own It

In Arizona, backyard pools are a spring and summertime staple. But for many of us, maintenance is a major hassle – and a major expense. With a solar-ready pool pump, you can harness the sun’s power and work smarter, not harder, to maintain your pool, hot tub, fountain, or other water features.

Our solar-ready pool pumps are designed and made in the U.S.A., fully tested and certified by the FSCE, and covered under an excellent warranty. In just over five years, your solar-ready pool pump will have paid for itself in full; and then you’ll start making money off of it in the form of solar credits!

You’ll save time and money to get back to enjoying your pool.


“Pep solar is an awesome company and Sean is a terrific guy. The company has served the area since 1978, which in itself made me feel very comfortable in their abilities. Any company that has been doing business for 40+ years must perform honestly, be reliable and offer value or it surely will not make it to its 40th anniversary. I was most impressed with the number of options we were given depending on what we perceived our solar output needs to be. I would definitely recommend working with Pep Solar!”

- Larry S.

PEP Solar

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