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Phoenix Solar Panel Installation & Design


Solar panels are a major investment, so why not make them an investment that you’ll love? We’ll help make your panels function to peak efficiency levels with certified installers while helping you achieve the design appeal that you want as well.

Top Grade Installation

The best solar panels available today are useless if installed improperly. Each installation handled by Pep Solar is managed by a team of highly trained professionals. The result is that our work functions right every single time and we’ll help you make the most of your quality panels. Every installation is tested for function before the process is finished so we can guarantee you’ll like the results.

You’re in Control

We believe that nobody knows better than the customer when it comes to a solar installation. We’ll work with you to decide on the best panels for your home or business and the ideal way to install them. Your home is your castle and we’ll work with you to get the look and design of your installation to meet your terms so that you’re not just happy with the performance but the looks of your panels as well.

Achieve the Right Look

Solar is mostly about getting clean energy and saving money, but panels change the way your home or business looks as well. That’s a fact that can’t be ignored. That’s why at Pep Solar we take looks into account and will work with you to achieve the desired look for every single installation. We offer a full range of standard solar PV panels as well as special colored panels for custom looks. Whether you want the deep blue or black panels that are standard today, or you want orange, green, blue or purple, you can customize the way your installation will look.

Pep Solar takes installation and design seriously when it comes to solar panels. Call us today for help with your solar panels or with guidance choosing a system for your home or business.

Take Your 7 Steps with PEP and Go Solar

PEP Solar has been installing solar since 1978. Taking your step with PEP, we have made it easy for you to go solar. Our team will keep you in the loop at each stage while powering the possibilities harnessing the sun.

Let’s be Solar Hipsters Together

We have an American dream for real change by going green and helping to make the world a better place- and it starts with you and your community. Save money, protect our nation, and help our community thrive.