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Enphase Ensemble: What Can A Solar Battery Do For Me?

house There are many battery types and PEP Solar is certified in 6 different batteries.  We are going to be talking about one of our most advanced solar batteries called Ensemble.

What does the Enphase Ensemble mean for Residential Solar?

Imagine for a moment that you are the proud owner of a residential, grid-tied solar energy system.  As the sun comes up each day, your solar system converts sunlight into electricity.  That electricity powers your home while the sun is shining and any remaining power you don’t use gets exported to the local electric grid.  So, what happens in the event of a power outage?  The electric grid goes dead, and so do all the houses in your neighborhood.  But not yours, right?  If the sun is shining, your solar system should keep your home supplied with electricity no matter what’s going on with the local grid, right?  Wrong. 98% of all residential PV systems in the US are grid-tied and without energy storage Due to the interconnect ted nature of the electricity grid, all solar systems without energy storage are required to shut off in the event of a power outage.  This is so that excess electricity from a solar system can’t travel into a downed power grid, endangering any utility employees who might be working on the lines to the electrical system.  The downside, however, is that despite having your own personal power plant on your roof, you won’t be able to use any of that power in the event of an outage.  This is where Enphase Ensemble is completely flipping the script on solar reliability.  Enphase Ensemble contains technology that turns a traditional, grid-tied solar system into a functioning, personalized microgrid.  The Ensemble system severs the home’s connection to the power grid in the vent of an outage.  Unlike a traditional solar setup, this allows the photovoltaic system to continue operating in the event of a blackout, without endangering anyone working on the electric grid.  For the homeowner, this means that all the loads in the home (freezer/refrigerator, internet router, security systems, etc) can be supplied by the solar system as long as the sun is shining.  Enphase Ensemble can also be designed to include Enphase Encharge batteries, which enable the system to provide power even when the sun is down. PEP Solar as a leader in the off-grid and micro-grid advanced solar energy sector expects microgrids like these to play an increased role as the energy landscape continues to evolve.  When the existing electrical grid was first pioneered starting back in the 1980s, it was a wildly impressive human innovation.

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What does an Enphase Ensemble System Do for Me?

It’s the conductor of your solar. Ensemble by Enphase is the energy operating system that guides your solar to new possibilities. Sit back and enjoy the harmony that Enphase Ensemble brings to the different components of your solar so they work in unison and provide energy to your home whether you’re tied to the electrical grid or not. With Enphase Ensemble you get the power to choose to ensure your energy is always on.
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Benefits of a Solar Battery?

blackouts The prospect of delivering electricity from centralized generators (I.e. power plants) to any home or business in America was initially viewed by many as a blue-sky-dream, due to the scale and complexity of the problem.  Brilliant engineers from the 1800’s and 1900’s toiled to solve the challenges of delivering wholesale electricity, and against the odds they succeeded.  Today, people all over the world flip on their light switches every day without giving a second thought as to the source of electricity, or the work it takes to deliver the power across great distances.  Despite the success of the existing electricity grid, as time has passed many shortcomings of the system have been revealed.  Power generation is usually associated with large-scale power plants that use combustible resources like coal to convert heat into electricity.  Large-scale power plants have been essential to the development of modern society, but due to the negative externalities of these power plants, they are usually placed as far away from the communities they are meant to power as possible. This means that every time you pay your electricity bill, a considerable portion of your payment is going towards the transmission and distribution of the power you’re using in your home.  Another problem with the existing electrical grid is reliability.  In our modern world, we are increasingly dependent upon electricity to survive.  Without electricity, our food storage capabilities would decrease dramatically.  Without power, much of our internet-based communication and navigation is rendered useless.  We are totally dependent on a reliable source of electricity to survive.  Without electricity. our food storage capabilities would decrease dramatically.  Without power, much of our internet-based communication and navigation is rendered useless.  We are totally dependent on a reliable source of electricity, and yet the distribution system we entrust to get us that power has hardly been modified since its inception.  Many of the transmission and distribution lines in the US are in need of replacement and prone to failure

Recent Events Across The Globe Show They Can Pose a Devastating Blow To Our Communities

Blackouts happen when damage occurs to an electrical grid, causing total power loss to an entire electrical network. These power losses can affect neighborhoods, cities, and even entire countries. For many of us, power outages are usually a mild inconvenience. In some results, we are seeing a total shutdown of basic infrastructure. Take for instance the recent “Camp Fire” in Northern California.  The wildfire was sparked by a faulty transmission line owned by one of the largest utilities in the nation, PG & E.  The fire caused so much damage that PG & E has subsequently filed for bankruptcy.  Also many do not know their electric bill agreements quietly changed to say if the wind is higher than 10 miles an hour your electricity can be turned off for days even up to a week.  As we continue to see more catastrophic weather events across the US, reliance on a centralized utility grid seems like an increasingly daunting proposition.  After seeing the devastating effects of prolonged power outages in places like Houston, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico, homeowners are putting more of a premium on energy security and reliability than ever before.  The simple fact is that our electricity system is vulnerable, and at this point, the rise in a distributed generation like solar systems has not added any increased security.  Enphase Ensemble with PEP Solar is changing that, by delivering the easiest and most user-friendly way to convert your home to a microgrid that has ever been offered to consumers.  Over time, solar analysts expect these microgrid solutions to increase in prevalence, and Enphase has taken a huge step in making this technology more accessible.  This expansion in the backup capability of residential solar is likely to become the industry standard as more equipment manufacturers continue to adapt to the market. blackouts1

Are You Prepared For The Next Blackout?

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