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You’re likely familiar with solar energy solutions and may have heard about the latest smart home advancements—but did you know that these two technologies can be combined for a next-level result?

Whether you have an existing solar energy system and home automation or are starting from scratch, turning your house into a solar smart home can be the smartest upgrade you’ve ever made.

PEP Solar, as a Top smart home solar company in Arizona and Taxes, provides customized solutions for integrating solar and smart home technology, delivering a level of service you won’t get from any other company—home security, tech, solar provider, or otherwise. 

Our team of dedicated engineers has the specialized expertise to tackle even the most complex projects, so you can be confident that the final result will flawlessly fit your needs.

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Best Available Warranties
in the Industry

40 Year Solar Panel Warranty icon

40 Year Solar Panel Warranty

*on select products

40 Year Inverter Warranty icon

40 Year Inverter Warranty

*on select products

40 Year Roof Warranty icon

40 Year Roof Warranty

*3 in from each point
*on select products
40 Year Labor Full Service Warranty Icon

40 Year Labor Full Service Warranty

*on select products

40 Year Install Warranty icon

40 Year Install Warranty

*on select products

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Why Customers Choose Us?

A Smart Solar Home Investment for Invaluable Benefits

Smart home solar integration offers exceptional flexibility, with options that can be shaped according to your preferences.

For example, if you don’t want to deal with a smart home solar phone app, that’s not a problem – you don’t have to. But if you want mobile app access, we can do that too. From precision-level controls to a simple, hands-off approach, a solar smart home solution suits you.



What if you could control your lights, thermostat, and virtually every other aspect of your home with just a few taps on your smartphone screen?

That’s precisely what a smart home solar company can do. Home automation fueled by clean, affordable solar energy can make every day easier than ever.



Smart home savings solar can provide homeowners with a cost-effective and sustainable energy solution. When you power your smart home with solar energy, you can ramp up your energy savings and minimize the overall upgrade costs.

Factors like the solar tax credit and reduced reliance on the grid can make smart home solar power more affordable than you ever thought.



Solar-powered security and smart home technology provide peace of mind when you know your home is safe, no matter what. A complete security system is integrated with your solar solution, facilitating 24/7 monitoring, remote arm/disarm capabilities, security cameras, live video on a mobile device, and so much more.

You can lock and unlock your doors, check on delivered packages, and receive motion-activated alerts even hundreds of miles away. Home smart solutions solar can significantly reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint.

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Why Do You Need PEP Solar For Your Solar Smart Home™ Project?

No matter how big or small your home automation goals may be, you need a trustworthy team to deliver outstanding results. Because it’s not just your energy savings or convenience on the line; it’s the comfort and safety of you and your family.

When you choose PEP Solar, you gain the advantage of our four-plus decades of experience as a Texas & Arizona solar energy leader. Plus, your project benefits from a team of engineering experts with a high-level understanding of solar and smart home technology.

Texas and Arizona alarm companies, technology installers, and other businesses don’t know solar—but we do (and you can also know by reading our ultimate solar guide). Make sure your home is in the best of hands with PEP Solar.

A Versatile Option For Smart Homes And Businesses Alike

It may be called smart home technology, but that doesn’t mean it’s only for homeowners. Many Texas & Arizona businesses are switching to integrated solar and smart tech systems. 

As a business owner, you can look forward to all the same vital benefits: enhanced security, dependability, savings, and convenience. PEP Solar can work with you to devise a tailored solar smart business solution that addresses your top priorities and needs.

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Qualify For A Solar Tax Credit For Smart Home Technology

Are you considering upgrading to smart home capabilities but want to ensure your budget stays in check? Tax credits for solar energy can be a smart way to offset the investment cost, maximizing the value of your newly-equipped solar smart home. 

It’s just another way that solar can pay for itself in virtually no time. Contact your preferred tax professional for more information about getting a solar tax credit.

Leap Forward With A Solar Smart Home In Texas & Arizona

A short time ago, smart home technology seemed reserved for sci-fi films and futuristic cartoons—but now, the future has arrived. Today, many people are discovering the incredible convenience, value, and peace of mind of upgrading to smart home capabilities. 

With PEP Solar on your side, you can combine a first-class solar power solution with cutting-edge smart technology to experience the best of both worlds.

PEP Solar has been a leader in Texas & Arizona solar power for decades, and our highly trained team of engineers and support staff are well-equipped to serve our customers’ diverse and ever-changing needs. 

We aren’t just the experts in solar energy; we’re Texas & Arizona’s most trusted team of innovators. Because we’ve worked diligently to advance our skills and expertise to align with technological advancements, you can count on us for all your Texas & Arizona home automation needs.

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104 reviews on
Lawrence Debold
Lawrence Debold
Contacted PeP Solar’s “Customer Success Mgr/Project Mgr)” Mr Gorman Mishoski regarding problems I was having with my solar system performance & possible approach to solutions. Goran was “outstanding” in addressing my problems & possible solutions. He was very proactive with following up on actions & keeping me informed of the status on his actions.. For a young man of 24 years age he has a potentially outstanding future ahead of him. And, he will be a valuable asset to any organization he works for.
Kurt D
Kurt D
My solar system was purchased from and installed by a competitor of PEP Solar. The original vendor of our solar system jerked us around for more than 7 months when trying to get them to remove and reinstall our system to allow us to repair our roof due to issues unrelated to the solar installation. The original installer finally responded with a quote that was extremely high. I approached numerous solar companies trying to get assistance and finally found PEP Solar. Not only did PEP Solar respond immediately but their quote was half of all competing bids. During my search for help I checked with the BBB and Registrar of Contractors and discovered PEP Solar has been in business for years and has a great track record. if I could give PEP Solar 10 Stars I would. First off, since they did not sell or install the system they insisted I notify the original company to let them know the removal and reinstallation would be completed by PEP Solar. They then worked with our roofer to ensure we had our solar system removed and reinstalled on dates as promised. Their team was professional and wasted no time in completing their work. I doubt I'll need more work on my solar system but if I do I will NOT be using the original company who designed and installed it but I WILL use PEP Solar if the need arises. Bottom line, if you're planning on installing a solar system give these guys a shot.
Joan Snider
Joan Snider
Outstanding job correcting the mistakes the first installer made. We're powered with sunshine now and very happy with what PEP Solar did for us. Big thanks to Mike, Jason, Goron, Sean, and Bonnie.
Mike Ryder
Mike Ryder
Very good local company. I would use them again
Thomas Gehrig
Thomas Gehrig
PEP Solar did an excellent job for me to replace my 200A service with a 400A service needed to install a Tesla Powerwall + at my residence. After some initial glitches the project management went well and the install was made to the highest standards. The workmanship was superb, material quality excellent, and the worksite left clean after every day. The system is now up and running and performing well.
Jonathan Ridge
Jonathan Ridge
Pep solar has been absolutely phenomenal for our solar experience. I met Sean (COO) at an event and he’s guided me through the entire process. Mike did our installation and he gave us great information on how and when to use the system. I’ve now moved out of state for a new job and they still continue to be helpful as we sell our home and show the added value of our solar. I would 100% recommend Pep Solar to any family member or friend, they truly go above and beyond for their clients.
Lois Loche
Lois Loche
Professional design. Professional installation. Top notch quality! Great to work with and helped get us a total refund from SSVEC on the work that had to get done by PEP to fix SSVEC errors when our house was built! Installed 2 Tesla batteries also.
Vera Davidson
Vera Davidson
Mike and Goran were wonderful to work with! Courteous, knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you for the great customer service. ,
Although, the final solar system went flawlessly, I'm still a bit bewildered as to why it was needed. When paying for my warranty in 2020, a price tag of $300, I would think you would of warned me of the manufacturing company was out of business. Surely you knew that the panels were failing. And again when I had to replace panels, at a price tag of $500 a piece, you knew that you were giving me a defective product. I do appreciate you making the offer to replace the whole system at your cost and Mike and Goran were wonderful to work with. I now have a functioning system and happy that the whole ordeal is over.
Michael Vodovoz
Michael Vodovoz
My experience with PEP Solar was great! First let me say that I knew nothing about Solar and was educated by Dallas (the sales rep). I was in communication with Sean throughout the experience and even had access to the CEO (Bonnie) whom was quite gracious in assisting the process to go smoothly. We reside in Arizona where we had record temperatures last summer so the process did take some time as I am assuming PEP solar was inundated with customers. In my research I had received 3 bids from various companies and PEP Solar was very competitive in price using better equipment than some others and top rated Enphase micro inverters. The installer and foreman (Mike) was absolutely fantastic and installed the system quickly answering all my questions and told me to call him anytime in the future. Lastly, George (Goran), the project manager was a GREAT point person for us and followed up to make certain the process was completed to our satisfaction! I would highly recommend them and hope to add more to our system in the future.

Solar Power Solutions From Pep Solar In Texas & Arizona

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