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Advanced Solar Air Conditioning Benefits in Arizona

Making the Switch: Advanced Solar Air Conditioning

  Beating the Heat in Arizona Solar air conditioning Why should you make the switch to Advanced Solar Air Conditioning? For most of the year, there’s no shortage of sunlight in Arizona. Sometimes, the heat can be extreme and only the air conditioning in our homes can provide us with physical comfort. Air conditioning units also help us function more efficiently as we go about our tasks during the day. In addition, it improves the quality of air circulating indoors.

Living Comfortably in Arizona

Solar air conditioning With utility costs on the rise, you might be hesitant to turn the air conditioner on. Wouldn’t you want to leave it on on all day without worrying about ridiculous cooling costs? Advanced solar air conditioning gives you just that –the benefits of comfort and clean indoor air all day without draining your utility budget.

Getting Ready for Intense Heat

pep solar system writes that Arizona is the 4th fastest-warming state, while Phoenix is the 2nd fastest-warming city in the United States. With temperatures getting more intense, it is important to consider investing in sustainable cooling solutions. This will not only save you from the heat, but will enable you to reduce your carbon footprint as well.

PEP Solar’s Advanced Solar Air Conditioner has effectively a 21 SEER* rating at night and up to a 65 SEER during the day.

*SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is used to measure the efficiency of a cooling system. The higher the rating, the more efficient a system is.

Energy Efficiency & Cooling Costs

solar panel solar air conditioning To ensure efficiency, advanced solar air conditioning units are grid-tied but not dependent on it. This means that during the day, when the demand for cooling is highest, your solar panels can power your air conditioning unit. At night, it takes just enough power from the grid. While it functions like traditional units, advanced solar air conditioners can drastically cut your cooling costs up to 90%.
Learn more about solar air conditioning here.

It’s entirely possible to cool your home just using the sun’s energy.

Preparing for Power Outages in Summer

solar panels Summers in Arizona can be brutal. In the event of a blackout, you are vulnerable to the blazing sun. You may experience heat exhaustion and dehydration. This can be dangerous for your family & pets. However, having a cooling system that can operate independently of a grid can shield you from this experience. A solar air conditioning system is like a , and it is completely functional during blackouts.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

solar air conditioning As long-term investments, solar products are always a good idea. It is our mission at PEP Solar to provide Arizona residents with clean energy sources that will benefit the whole community in the long run. We take pride in making economically and socially responsible products available to everyone. Our 1, 1.5, 2 Ton Advanced Solar Air Conditioning systems can cool or heat 750, 1100, or 1500 sqft. There is no special ductwork and it runs as 21 nights / up to 65 SEER days. Even use for your Garage! taxbenepep

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