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Our Reviews

Our Reviews

  What Our Clients Have to Say

“Went with Pep Solar for a larger energy project for my home. They took care of everything. Even offered me a 1.5% loan (wow) for my project. The fact that they also keep monitoring the system to check for issues – and navigated and project managed the whole process was awesome. They come very highly recommended from me!”

— Rowdy D.

“Great company with fantastic results that saves me a significant amount of money monthly to what my precious electric bills were and I also produce extra energy and give back to the grid too with net metering and get some credits and money back. Solar panels help the environment by reducing reliance on fossil fuels, coal, and nuclear energy. I’m impressed with PEP since a few years ago I also received interest free financing and an even bigger federal tax credit. I do not have to feel as guilty using electricity especially in the hot summer months like I used to. It is too bad that newer customers have to pay a solar fee to the utilities now which truly discourages people from using this wonderful source of free and natural energy from our sun. PEP has also been efficient and effective to come and help fix any problems that I had as well when my car accidentally hit one the electrical casings outside my house which knocked down my solar production. What a difference in my electric bill! I highly recommend PEP for their experience, knowledge, and performance.”

— Shaun B.

“Pep solar is an awesome company and Sean is a terrific guy. The company has served the area since 1978, which in itself made me feel very comfortable in their abilities. Any company that has been doing business for 40+ years must perform honestly, be reliable and offer value or it surely will not make it to its 40th anniversary. I was most impressed with the number of options we were given depending on what we perceived our solar output needs to be. I would definitely recommend working with Pep Solar!”

— Larry S.

“They do awesome work. Everyone from the owner down to the installers were very helpful, informative and friendly. Highly recommend them. My solar system is so easy to use, and my bill is so cheap.”

— Josh L.

“I researched many solar companies and chose PEP for several reasons. I liked that they have been in business for a long time in this area. My sales rep, Dallas, explained the process to me in language I could understand. He was friendly and never did the over sell. He was able to contact the owner, Sean, to answer a question I had about tax credits. Diane, in the office is outstanding with her customer service. She makes you feel like family. The installation went seamlessly with Mike and his team. Mike answered questions on the spot and never made me feel like I was bugging him! My experience with the PEP Solar team was exceptional! I am so excited to have my solar up and running! Thanks to PEP Solar!!”

— Janet L.