Solar Air Conditioning

Solar Air Conditioning

Transform Sunlight Into Cooling AC For Cost-Effective Comfort.

It’s truly amazing what solar power can accomplish. It’s entirely possible to cool your home just using the sun’s energy with our powerful solar air conditioner. This mini-split unit is a hybrid air conditioner that will take power from the grid as necessary while creating plenty of cool air during the day when the sun is at its most extreme beating down on your home or business.

How it Works

Our Pep Solar Advanced Solar Air Conditioner is a heat pump that’s tied to the grid with an AC to DC converter. The unit runs straight off DC power produced by solar panels throughout the day, and draws the power it needs from the grid with the AC to DC converter. You can save money on cooling when the sun is out and enjoy the same top-grade performance you would with a modern grid-tied system at night.

Day and Night Cooling

This mini-split heat pump is capable of effectively cooling or heating your home at any time. During the day, the system will only pull roughly 50 watts of power to cool your home or business, making it a 65 SEER cooling system. At night it uses grid power and offers or effective heating for those rare chilly Arizona nights.

Cut Cooling Costs Substantially

During the day your solar air conditioner can cut cooling costs by as much as 90%, providing you with huge savings! You’ll pay next to nothing to keep those temperatures constant throughout that period, allowing you to enjoy a nice, cool home or office space at a fraction of the cost.

Solar AC Benefits Include:

  • Cut Heating & Cooling Costs Up To 34%
  • Eligible Tax Credits Available – Consult Your CPA
  • Expandable by Adding Solar Modules & Condenser
  • Installs With No Major Modifications to Home or Business

Solar Air Conditioning Products

  • Smart Solar HVAC
  • Advanced Solar Air Conditioner
  • HVAC Anywhere
  • 5-Stage Solar Mini-Split HVAC

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