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Own Your Own Solar

Own Your Own Solar


When you own solar, you receive all the rewards, incentives and equity boosts that come with adding a solar installation to your home. And when you’re considering selling, there won’t be any payments for your home buyer to assume.

Access the Biggest Benefits of Solar Systems By Purchasing Them

Solar panel systems are offered today in a few different ways. Home and business owners that wanted the panels decades ago would have to buy them outright or obtain a loan for the panels. They would be the owners and responsible for maintaining the panels. Recently it’s become popular to lease solar panels from a large company instead. The company retains ownership of the panels and the lessee just gets access to the power produced from the panels. Leasing often seems like the more convenient option of the two, but owning your own solar is the only way to access all the hidden benefits of solar.

The Benefits of Owning Solar

  • Save more money
  • Use all the tax breaks and incentives
  • Increase your home equity
  • Enjoy full rights to the panels
  • Sell your home more easily


Save the Maximum Amount of Money

Companies lease solar panels to turn a profit. They take a share of the savings generated by using solar panels. Sure homeowners save money by leasing solar panels compared to paying for power from utility companies, but they spend more than they would be buying their own solar panels. Buying a solar PV system generates a significantly better lifetime return on investment, making it a wiser financial decision.

Enhance Your Home’s Equity

Owning solar panels installed on your home is the only way to enhance the equity that you have on your home. Getting into a solar lease won’t improve the equity of your home because you don’t actually own anything at all. That’s why purchasing solar panels outright is a much better investment overall, especially if you will be selling your home in the future.

Take Advantage of Tax Breaks and Incentives

Only home and business owners that purchase solar panel systems will be eligible for the state and local incentives as well as the tax break programs available. That means that buying solar panels is the best deal for accessing renewable and clean energy and is a more solid investment compared to solar leasing plans offered today.

Get the most from solar PV systems and buy your own. Speak with a representative from PEP Solar today and get started with the solar PV system to save money and go green.

Let’s be Solar Hipsters Together

We have an American dream for real change by going green and helping to make the world a better place- and it starts with you and your community. Save money, protect our nation, and help our community thrive.

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