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Solar PV System Installation & Services in Phoenix, AZ

Solar Panel Installation in Phoenix, Arizona

If you’re looking for an alternative energy solution to power your home, PEP Solar takes renewable solar energy to the next level. With decades of experience servicing Phoenix and surrounding areas, we deliver exemplary customer service and high-quality services as no other solar company can. Our solar panel installation & power solutions are catered for your home or business. We save you money on energy bills and help you help our environment with eco-friendly energy solutions.

We can install our Solar PV system anywhere! Our panels are made for rooftops of all shapes and sizes. At PEP Solar, we value attention to detail. We will ensure your home gets the revision it deserves before moving forward with your Solar PV installation. As the undisputed leaders in solar power in Phoenix, we work closely with the community and aim for the best. Our customer satisfaction rate speaks for itself!

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What is Solar PV?

Solar PV, Photovoltaic systems, or Solar Cells convert energy from the sun into electricity. They reduce dependency on wasteful energy sources and come standalone or can be installed in a grid. Some use battery power to store electricity, while others feed unused energy into their own grid.

These solar panels cater to concrete, tile, asphalt, flat roof membrane, and metal rooftops. They have a long lifespan and are low maintenance, making them the perfect solution if you want to save money and invest in ecologically conscious energy alternatives. Solar panels even shade your roof like trees making your roof and attic cooler.

About Our Solar PV Panels

Our third-generation solar panels provide 18% more energy than other Solar PV systems. We offer a long-lasting, high-quality, renewable energy photovoltaic system for residential and commercial buildings.

PEP Solar guarantees a full service, going beyond installation and reinstallation.

You can count on our solar batteries at night or during cloudy days, offering the energy required to keep your home electricity running without relying on sunlight. Certified professionals run by our regular home inspections guarantee the longevity of your solar unit and keep solar panels and products running at peak performance.

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Why Choose Us?

PEP Solar has decades of experience in Solar PV power generation. We aim to reduce dependence on dirty energy, coal, and foreign oil pollution, approaching every project with pride, excellence, and peak performance. Our competitive prices and commitment to making our community better make us the best choice solar panel installers in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

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Invest in the environment and your future. Contact PEP Solar today and request a quote to kick-start your solar energy project. Our professional Solar PV system installers will be more than happy to take you on your renewable energy project. Call (623) 806-8806 if you’re in Arizona or (512) 535-7676 if you’re in Texas.

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Efficient, affordable, and virtually maintenance free, PEP Solar has many solar products to offer. PEP Solar has been servicing, repairing, and installing solar since 1978.