PEP Solar: Personalized Solutions for Solar Energy in Glendale, AZ

PEP Solar: Personalized Solutions for Solar Energy in Glendale, AZ

Your Trusted Provider for Glendale, AZ Solar Energy Solutions

PEP Solar is an Arizona-owned and operated company that has served the Valley for more than four decades, providing innovative energy options for home and business owners. Since 1978, we’ve worked to bring the very best in high-quality, reliable energy services to the Phoenix area. And now, PEP Solar is helping Glendale residents save money on their electric bills and upgrade to advanced solar solutions.

There’s never been a time – or place – to go solar. Let PEP Solar help you gain energy independence and make a smart investment in your home and the environment with our top-grade solar solutions now.


Benefits of Solar in Glendale, AZ

You might be wondering: is it worth it to get solar panels in Glendale, AZ? 

There’s a reason that the Phoenix-metro area is nicknamed the “Valley of the Sun;” it’s one of the sunniest cities in America, with about 300 days of sun each year. This makes Glendale, AZ and its neighboring cities the perfect place to switch to solar.

Solar power solutions give you the freedom to tap into the biggest source of renewable energy: the sun. Instead of relying on your local power company for electricity, you could be generating your own power with absolutely zero effort. The potential for solar power in Glendale, AZ is huge for homes and businesses alike.

Some solar energy benefits in Glendale, AZ and the Valley as a whole include:

  • Saving money on your electricity bills
  • Protecting yourself from future increases in electricity rates
  • An environmentally conscious source of renewable energy
  • Potential tax benefits
  • Increased home/property value
  • Virtually no maintenance is required

Solar Energy Services & Solutions from PEP Solar in Glendale, AZ

One of the most unique things about our company is that we are involved at every stage of every project, from the earliest design renderings to the final installation. We source all of our components on our own, so that we can guarantee our customers the highest-quality systems on the market. PEP Solar has dedicated teams for design and installation, as well as expert technicians to provide support if and when you need it.

When you’re searching for solar installation companies in Glendale, AZ, there’s no shortage of options to choose from – but none can measure up to PEP Solar.

Our Glendale, AZ solar installation team provides a broad range of services to suit the needs of home and business owners, including:

PEP Solar can assist you as you navigate the process of finding the best solar solutions to suit your needs. We aim to make your experience as easy as possible by sharing our expertise on HOA solar rules, SRP demand management, how to buy solar panels, and more. Plus, PEP Solar provides flexible options for solar ownership, giving you the flexibility you need to make a solid investment that fits your budget.

Partner with the Best Solar Energy Company in Glendale, AZ Today

When you’re ready to step into the future of energy, solar solutions offer a diverse range of ways to meet your unique needs, lifestyle, and preferences. PEP Solar is committed to delivering exceptional service and first-class solar energy systems in Glendale, AZ, and the Valley, doing our part to change the energy in Arizona for the better.

Get more information about how much money you can save with solar when you contact the PEP Solar team today!

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