Introducing The Tesla


A Safeguard Against The Unexpected

There are numerous factors that can contribute to an interruption in the power grid. Unfortunately, the majority of those factors are entirely outside your control – which is why installing a solar battery like the Tesla Powerwall is the only way to protect your home from a loss in power. Think of the Tesla Powerwall as an intelligent insurance policy for your home power system. Once it’s installed, you’ll never have to worry about the electricity going out again.

For homeowners with solar panels in Arizona and across the U.S., there are several events that can lead to a power failure, including:

  • High winds, particularly those that are common during the annual monsoon season in Arizona
  • Severe weather, including harsh thunderstorms
  • Abrupt changes in climate
  • Failing infrastructure, such as aging equipment and a subpar electrical grid
  • Attacks on the power grid led by hackers, an increasingly prevalent threat to grid stability

Tesla Powerwalls and other solar batteries are specifically designed to support your home’s power system in the event of a grid failure.

Achieve Independence with a Self-Powered Home

For many homeowners that make the switch to solar, a desire to break free from the expensive constraints of the local utility companies is a major motivator. But as long as your home is lacking a solar battery, you’re still reliant on grid power and your utility company.

The Tesla Powerwall offers an outstanding solution to this frustrating problem, allowing you to achieve the self-sufficiency you’ve always wanted. On a typical day, your solar system and the Tesla Powerwall will work together to meet all your home’s energy needs – with no need to tap into the grid.

Additionally, smart features like time-based power control make it easy to maximize your savings. Simply set the Powerwall to Time-Based Control, and the system will detect patterns in your solar power generation and personal energy use. Then, the Powerwall can effectively utilize stored energy to eliminate the need to purchase electricity during peak cost periods.

A Smart Backup Power Source

The Tesla Powerwall is a 100 percent automated system, requiring absolutely no maintenance. Depending on your home’s size and energy needs, between one and three Powerwalls will typically be recommended. The lithium batteries are constructed with an all-in-one design that generates virtually zero noise and is fully weatherproof for long-lasting durability. You can choose to have the Powerwall floor- or wall-mounted (up to 10 can be stacked together), and all wires and vents are completely enclosed for the ultimate in safety.

When you choose the Powerwall, you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes from 24/7 mobile monitoring technology. Control the system from anywhere in the world and receive real-time alerts about severe weather, natural disasters, and other major events.

Key Features of the Tesla


  • Stores extra energy generated throughout the day
  • Cuts down on your reliance on the local utility and power grid
  • Uses smart technology to maximize your utility savings
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Mobile connectivity to allow for remote management
  • Provides continuous power during an outage
  • Touch-safe design to protect children and pets

Advantages of the Tesla


and Other Solar Batteries

  • Can also be used to power up your HVAC system, charge your Tesla vehicle, and fulfill various other beneficial purposes
  • Utilizes an internal inverter for converting DC energy to AC energy, decreasing both cost and complexity
  • Noticeably quieter than comparable models
  • Provides continuous power during an outage
  • Compact, simple design that won’t detract from your home’s appearance

Not sure if the Powerwall is right for you?

Pep Solar also offers several other solar battery options, each one selected for its unmatched performance and reliability. In addition to the Tesla Powerwall, our Arizona solar power customers often consider the Generac, Enphase Ensemble, Sonnen, and LG solar batteries.

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Finance Your Solar Battery Purchase and Installation

At Pep Solar, we understand that a smart solar energy system can be a significant investment. Even though there is a massive potential for savings and an exceptional return on your investment, coming up with the funds to purchase and install a new system is challenging for many homeowners. However, the Pep Solar team believes that high-quality solar solutions should be accessible to all Arizona residents, so we’ve created a range of financing options to serve your needs.

When we realized that upfront cost was a major obstacle for homeowners interested in solar power systems in Arizona, we were determined to change that. We offer financing for up to $100,000 at 4.99% for qualified customers, making it possible for our customers to afford the solar solution that’s right for them. And you don’t have to have perfect credit either – our finance program is flexible, and we’re here to work with you to put solar within easy reach.

Additionally, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to complete a full-scale solar solution all at once. Pep Solar can assist you in planning solar equipment purchasing and installation in a few stages, so that you can effectively upgrade your home while still staying within budget.


Pep Solar: Your Solar Power Experts in Arizona

Don’t make the switch to solar only to be reliant on the Arizona power grid – especially not when you can take simple steps to achieve a completely self-powered home. With so many factors that can disrupt grid-based power, it’s time to take steps towards self-sufficiency. Pep Solar offers a selection of the best solar batteries in the industry, including the Tesla Powerwall, so you can ensure that your home always has a power source on hand. For more than four decades, Pep Solar has been a trusted provider of innovative solar solutions for homeowners and businesses across Arizona. As solar technology has advanced at an exciting pace, we’ve continued to expand the options we make available to our customers. Upgrading your home with solar panels and a solar battery is a smart investment, but it’s also a big decision. That’s why our experienced team takes great care to create individualized system solutions that not only suit your unique power needs but also deliver exceptional savings for an excellent return on your investment.

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