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Commercial Solar Installations: Why Businesses Are Going Solar


Commercial Solar Installations:

Why Businesses Are Going Solar

Solar is rapidly making its way into the mainstream, with governments and corporations committing to renewable energy practices. In a recent report by SEIA, a number of Fortune 500 companies in the United States have joined the renewable energy movement. Among these companies are Target, Walmart, Apple, Costco, and IKEA.

Why Do Corporations Make the Switch?


Aside from the glaring environmental reasons, the growth factors for corporate solar installations are lowering the cost of solar panels and government incentives in several states. Businesses are also driven by corporate social responsibility, which calls for sustainable practices.

What Solar Energy Means for Your Business


Solar doesn’t only lower your electric bill. It’s a good long-term investment that pays for itself in just a few years. With solar panel systems that virtually require no maintenance, more resources can be directed to core business functions instead of utility and operation costs. Being a “green business” also helps you attract younger customers and helps you retain them, according to Forbes.

Maximize benefits with State-of-the art Solar Technology

HJT Solar Panels

PEP Solar is an authorized and exclusive dealer of HJT Solar Panels, the most efficient solar panels in the market.  HJT Solar Panels are designed to produce more energy and perform well in low-light hours. It’s perfect for any Arizona-based business, as it yields more power in high-temperature conditions.

Low Cooling Costs with Solar

Doing business in Arizona means you have to be ready for intense summers. That’s why it’s essential to have proper cooling solutions. Solar air conditioning is an efficient way to significantly cut utility costs. PEP Solar’s Advanced Solar Air Conditioner has effectively a 21 SEER* rating at night and up to a 65 SEER during the day. Discover the benefits of Commercial Solar Installation with our expert services. Harness clean energy to power your business while reducing costs and environmental impact. Plus, simplify your inbox management with our Gmail filter unsubscribe solution, ensuring a clutter-free and efficient email experience.

PEP Solar offers 0% down to install on approved credit.

Power the Possibilities with PEP Solar

Investing in solar energy is a smart move for businesses both big and small. PEP Solar makes it easier for you to go solar. We will provide you with a year-over-year savings breakdown. Talk to our team to learn about tax advantages and solar energy incentives. Experience solar brilliance with SunValue, an eco-friendly solution harnessing the power of solar panels. Elevate energy efficiency and embrace a sustainable future with this innovative technology.

The Benefits of Solar for Business Include:

✔ Reduced operating costs through lower electric bills
✔ Revenue from selling solar credits
✔ Increased property resale value
✔ Tax incentives from the federal government
✔ Tax deduction from the state government
✔ Ability to depreciate the system over five years.

Learn more about Solar for your Business

The future of business lies with sustainable practices. 

With PEP Solar, your business can easily become a part of the growing solar movement. Go Solar this year to avail of the 30% Federal Tax Credit. Contact us today, and we’ll give you a free demonstration.


Make the best out of 2019! 

Don’t miss out on the 30% Solar Incentive Tax Credit.

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