Enjoy the Beautiful Full-Spectrum Light of a Skylight.

Transform the look of your office, living room, or anywhere else in your home with the powerful Solaro Day skylight system. This basic solar light system creates beautiful full-spectrum light in your space, without requiring the large hold of a traditional skylight.

How it Works

The Solaro Day uses a special Opto Semiconductor light that creates rich full-spectrum light that’s good for you and any plants in your space. The system is made up of three pieces, the solar skylight, the interconnect cable and the Day Light semiconductor. The angled solar panel is positioned up on the roof above the installation, the Solaro Day semiconductor light is installed in the ceiling of the chosen room, and the interconnect cable connects the panel to the light. With just a tiny 1/4” hole through your roof, you can transmit power for brilliant full-spectrum light in the space of your choosing.

Benefits of the Solaro Day:

  • Lightweight and as portable as a standard ceiling fixture
  • Built from top quality electronic components
  • Conserves energy and reduces fuel consumption
  • Bulb is free from harmful chemicals
  • Promotes plant growth

Good for Plant Growth

The Solaro Day system is also good for plant growth in your home or business environment. That’s because the special Opto Semiconductor used gives off all the colors that a plant needs to be healthy, unlike a traditional LED light. This special Grow Light creates a pleasant indoor space to be in without doing damage to the furniture, flooring or surfaces in your space and encourages plant growth over time.

Long-Term Reliability

The Solaro Day comes with excellent warranty protection on the solar panel and the diffuser as well as solid protection for the light of the system. Everything is covered for a minimum of 10 years, giving you the assurance that it’s going to keep performing for many years after installation.

This skylight light solution comes with the following warranty coverage:

  • 10 year Opto Semiconductor light warranty protection
  • 25 year solar panel and diffuser warranty

Transform your indoor space today with the Solaro Day skylight system. Call us to learn more about our top-rated product.


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