Phoenix Solar Day Lighting

Phoenix Solar Day Lighting


Harness sunlight directly to illuminate your dark spaces with our solar daylighting kits. These special kits reflect sunlight down into a building and then disperse it using a special Prismatic Diffusion Lens so that you can brighten a space without using any electricity at all.

How it Works

These revolutionary daylight systems use just a few simple parts to create brilliant light for a large space. A set of between one and three mirrors are built into a swiveling skylight assembly. The skylight features a solar panel, a GPS tracker and a motor system to adjust the angle of the mirror. When the sun is out a special photo sensor tells the GPS where the mirrors need to be positioned to capture the sunlight.

The brilliant sunlight is reflected by an array of mirrors down a light well just above the ceiling of the room that needs light. The light is directed into a diffuser that releases the light into the room evenly creating pleasant light while using just a tiny amount of energy in the process to adjust the mirror angle as necessary.

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The Two Lighting Options

There are two different daylighting systems available from PEP Solar for you to choose from, a single mirror and a triple mirror solution.

Single Mirror Lighting

The Single Mirror Skylight is ideal for a wide range of light conditions and is a good all-around product for use when a light comes from predictable angles.

Single Mirror Daylight

Triple Mirror Skylight

The Triple Mirror Skylight uses a state-of-the-art Solar-Powered GPS Controller to track, collect, and direct sunlight into a building. This option is most suitable for higher N/S Latitudes to catch the varying annual angles of the Sun.

Solar Day Lighting 2

Long-Term Performance

Since these daylighting kits rely on so few electrical components, they are compact and long-lasting. These kits are put through a 30-year life cycle test and the whole system is protected by a Ciralight Global Manufacturer’s Warranty for 10 years.

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Our Reviews

“PEP Solar was very easy to work with from sales to institution and for answering questions. Ales listened to my concerns and addressed them with accurate answers. The install team was amazing. They worked together as a team and cleaned up nicely at the end of the day. Now that my system is up and running, I cannot express my happiness with the production. One happy customer!”

– Joy M.

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