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It’s Getting Colder in Arizona

The colder months are here, and Arizona residents are about to spend much of their monthly budget on heating. Many people would think that this is a bad time to invest in residential solar, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Solar panel systems work all-year round, and with the right components, you can maximize its power even during sun-down. Using solar panels during the colder months will significantly cut your home’s heating costs as well.  

A Home Fit for Solar

What does a home need in order to qualify for a residential solar install? Contractors usually assess the location, shading, roof-type, and electricals of your property. Roofs that face south, west or east and are free from shading, are ideal for solar electric PV systems. Of course, having shading in your property doesn’t mean you can’t avail of solar products. 

There’s a wide variety of solar products and systems that can be customized to fit your needs. It is always best to consult with a trusted contractor to find the best solar energy system fit for your home.

PEP Solar has an array of solar products for you to choose from. Contact us today and find out the best solar product for your home.

Solar Pool Heating

Going for a swim doesn’t sound like a good idea when it’s freezing outside. However, with solar pool heating, you can enjoy your pool all year round. Solar pool heaters have an incredible heating capacity, and are more cost effective than fuel heaters. It is also a lot safer, as there are no corrosive metals in the system, and it purely operates on sunlight.

Solar Water Heater

Some solar water heaters can operate even without relying on solar panels. These heaters rely on black tubing and high surface area materials to generate heat from the sun. This makes it a lot more affordable than regular heating systems. Solar water heaters are versatile systems that can be connected to solar panels and water tanks up to 50,000-gallons.   

5 Stage Solar Mini-Split HVAC

This 5-stage mini-split solar unit provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning for your Arizona home, and provides up to 97% in energy savings. It can run 100% directly on solar power during the day, when usage is at the highest.

Solar All Year Round

The high utility during summer also raises the demand for solar. This even truer in Arizona because of the brutal heat. Because of this, getting solar panels installed during summer may be hard for homeowners unless they work with a contractor that puts their customers first.

That said, winter is one of the best times to go solar. Solar energy can be generated all year round, and some products, like CIS-thin film panels even perform better during colder months, along with being heat tolerance in the summer. Components like solar batteries will also help you maximize the potential of your solar panels, and will free you from worrying about blackouts.   

PEP Solar is solar energy pioneer in Arizona. Our mission is to reduce dependence on dirty energy, and to provide state-of-the-art solar technology to everyone who wants to invest in a cleaner, greener future. 

You don’t need to endure cold days just so you can save up on heating costs. With PEP Solar, you can cut your utility costs and still enjoy a comfortable home.

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