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The SRP Residential Solar Electric Program


The SRP Residential Solar Electric Program

PEP Solar: An SRP Preferred Solar Installer SRP arizona solar power

SRP: Serving the Arizona Community

SRP, which stands for ‘Salt River Project,’ is a not-for-profit energy and water company based in Arizona. The company has been running for over a century, providing affordable energy to central Arizona residents. SRP has embraced the future of clean energy by providing programs for residential solar owners. SRP preferred solar installer

Getting Started: Solar with SRP

Solar panels phoenix arizona The SRP Residential Solar Electric Program enables you safely to connect your solar electric system to their grid. This program follows a strict code, making sure that your solar electric system is installed properly.

The program recommends that residents who are looking into solar power must:

  • Calculate ‘set costs’ – this is the amount you need to shell out for residential solar electric system (consists of panels, batteries, etc).
  • Calculate ‘variable costs’ – this is the cost associated with your SRP bill.
  • Review the Residential Solar Electric Process Checklist
  • Review the Program Requirements

PEP Solar: An SRP Preferred Solar Installer

SRP preferred solar installer For your safety and peace of mind, SRP trusts select solar companies as their preferred solar providers & installers. These providers are licensed, and strictly follow high standards. As an SRP preferred solar installer, PEP Solar will assist you with everything you need to connect your solar electric system to the SRP grid. PEP Solar is one of the only two companies authorized to resell the Advanced Solar Home Demand Management System. The system manages your electric output, and is designed to work with all your solar products. How does it work? Demand Management Systems manage your home’s electric load to make sure your home doesn’t run major appliances at the same time during peak hours. This reduces peak demand costs and in return reduces your electricity bill. On-Demand Management System typically shrinks SRP customer solar systems by 40% ($0.07on-peak, $0.03 off-peak VERSUS $0.10 & $0.12). SRP offers a $250 rebate when you purchase and install a Demand Management System from a preferred installer like PEP Solar. They also offer incentives> to Arizonans who install solar battery storage in their homes. SRP rebates Pep Solar is Arizona’s #1 trusted solar installers, being the pioneers in solar with over 35 years of experience, and exclusive dealers/installers of Residential 40+ years of experience, and Platinum dealers/installers of Residential HJT Alpha Series. taxbenepep

Clean Energy is REWARDING. Invest in a greener, more affordable electric system for your home. PEP Solar is an SRP preferred solar installer.

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