Can You Install Your Own Tesla Powerwall?

Tesla Powerwall setup by PEP Solar

You might be asking yourself if it’s possible to install your own Tesla Powerwall. According to Tesla, installing a Powerwall should be done by certified Tesla Energy installers since it involves high voltage electricity.

Tesla in Arizona demands that you be present at your home on the day of the installation to allow the installers to verify that you have fully functioning visibility on the Tesla app before they leave. The Tesla Powerwalls must be fitted with a new Tesla solar roof or solar panel installation.

Tesla Powerwall Installation

To ensure that your installation goes smoothly, you must be home for the whole day of the appointment. Installers from our Powerwall crew will arrive at your home in the morning. Other installers could be on-site if you’re also installing solar simultaneously.

On the other hand, the amount of time it takes to install your system will be determined by its size and the complexity of the electrical work. One day is typically required for a Powerwall installation.

Plan for a power outage of between four and six hours to occur. You can expect Up to 8 hours of a power outage if more electrical repair is needed. Your refrigerator, heating and cooling systems, and Internet connection are included in this category.

There must be at least one Powerwall, a Tesla Gateway, and the necessary electrical gear for the residence during installation, such as the main panel, meter, and solar inverter. Both Powerwall and the Gateway also include cable entry ports for flexible installation, and Powerwall can be installed on the wall or the floor. It’s possible to commission the Powerwall system using smartphones, tablets, or laptops. One of our licensed electricians will be able to handle the installation.

Powerwall Site Survey

It is necessary to do a site survey before setting a date for the installation. A Site Surveyor or our self-survey option is the most expedient and convenient way to estimate.

After placing your order, you will be requested to complete an online survey and upload photographs if you choose the self-survey option.

However, you will have to pay for this extra service and be present in your home to allow the appropriate access, resulting in delays.

Post-Site Survey

Our Tesla design team through Pep Solar will assess your home’s electrical system based on your Site Survey and add any necessary electrical changes. They will also calculate how many Powerwalls you require based on your current household usage. You will evaluate and approve the design before proceeding to the next step.

Pre-Installation: Prepare Your Home

Clear the ground, wall space, and any major access points for installers to guarantee a speedy and efficient installation. Powerwall may be moved around by specific installers using a small dolly.

Pre-Installation: Internet Access

Powerwall requires a good Internet connection, either wired or wireless, using the Tesla app to monitor your Powerwall system. Determine the location of your home router and keep the login details handy.

While a connected home network is desired for optimal performance, Powerwall can use an inner cellular connection to the Internet if one is not available.

How Many Tesla Powerwalls Do I Need?

Powerwall systems are needed in various ways depending on the amount of energy consumed in residence. Each method can link a maximum of ten Powerwalls.

For most residential properties in Phoenix and Arizona cities, 1-3 Powerwalls will suffice. While a PEP Solar Powerwall specialist can help you decide exactly how many systems you’ll need, you can use the Tesla chart to estimate how many Powerwalls you’ll need for your home or office.

Contact a Certified Installer in Arizona

Every project at PEP Solar is executed to the highest standards. We source our components for the most effective solar power solutions, manage our installation teams, and use unique solar systems. We are also an experienced company in Powerwall installation, and therefore, we shall help you carry out your Tesla Powerwall installation in your comfort. Our goal is to assist you in becoming more self-sufficient, saving money on your energy bills, and building more portable power solutions for greater flexibility in your house or office. Contact us now and schedule your appointment!

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