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Installing solar panels has quickly become one of the smartest ways to save on energy costs and minimize your environmental impact – but did you know that there’s a way to take your solar panels to the next level? SolarSkin is a specialty product developed by MIT engineers at Sistine Solar, designed to serve a variety of functions and enhance the overall look and lifespan of your solar panels.

Resembling the thin vinyl film used for cellphone screen protectors, SolarSkin is a flexible layer of outdoor-rated material coated with ultra-durable graphics. The film is custom-cut to fit a wide range of high-efficiency, solid black solar panels, making it compatible with all panel sizes, styles, and brands.

With SolarSkin, not only can you improve the aesthetics of your standard solar panels, but you can also take proactive steps to protect your investment and maximize durability.

Cutting-Edge Technology You Can Use

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SolarSkin technology uses the principle of selective light filtration, allowing the film to display a custom printed image while also effectively transmitting sunlight to the panels’ solar cells, minimizing any efficiency loss. Using proprietary color techniques, Sistine Solar’s designers can curate the image to blend in with your roof – no matter what color, pattern, or style.

Depending on your preferences for balancing efficiency and aesthetics, you can choose from three types of SolarSkin types, each one offering a specific balance of aesthetic vibrancy and sunlight transmission.

SolarSkin also makes it possible to custom-design the film’s graphic design. If you want to disguise your solar panels, you can choose a design that blends in with your roof style, with options including architectural shingles, 3-tab shingles, Spanish tiles, seamed metal roofs, concrete tiles and more. Or, you can select a more custom look and have the SolarSkin printed with a unique design like an American flag to honor your patriotic spirit.

Transform the Look of Your
Solar Panels with Ease

While solar panels do wonders for reducing your electricity bill and protecting the environment, their industrial, drab style isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. Now, with SolarSkin, you can revive your home’s curb appeal while preserving your energy efficiency. Professional printing and high-quality graphics make SolarSkin a beautiful option for enhancing the exterior of your home.

Adding SolarSkin to your solar panels is a simple, straightforward process that can be quickly completed by a professional installer. First, you’ll work with the Pep Solar team to design and order your SolarSkin, ensuring that it matches your exact specifications. Then, one of our expert installers will apply the film to your solar panels, checking for a perfect fit and proper application. Because SolarSkin is custom-cut to size, you can be confident that your panels will have a seamless look.

Through rigorous testing processes, SolarSkin has been verified as anti-yellowing, anti-browning, and anti-delamination. Even under the powerful rays of the Arizona sun, your SolarSkin will maintain its beautiful appearance, retain its color, and resist unsightly aging and degradation. If there comes a time when you change your mind about your SolarSkin for any reason whatsoever, Pep Solar’s team can remove the film without damaging the underlying module and optionally re-fit with a new skin – like applying a fresh coat of paint to your walls.

Keep Your Solar Panels in Pristine Condition


Your solar panels harness the light of the sun to efficiently fuel your home – but the same energy-filled rays that power your home can also lead to extreme wear and tear on your solar power system. Particular in the dry desert climate of Arizona, intense sun rays, dust, and other environmental factors can affect the lifespan and appearance of your solar panels.

SolarSkin can enhance the durability of your modules against external forces, keeping your panels in top-quality condition and maintaining their pristine appearance. It has anti-stick characteristics due to the low surface energy of the film, which means SolarSkin panels have the potential to collect less dirt over time than uncovered panels. Further, it has UV blocking properties, which can protect against premature degradation of the solar cells. Finally, it acts as an overall safeguard against chemical degradation and everyday environmental factors.


Add an Extra Layer of Protection

Solar power is great, but for many people, peak power levels are reached when you’re away from home. That means most of your system’s power will be pumping into your home when you aren’t there to use it. A good battery system like this one will capture some of that wasted energy and save it for you so it’s available when you need it.

Reduce Unwanted Glare

Solar power is great, but for many people, peak power levels are reached when you’re away from home. That means most of your system’s power will be pumping into your home when you aren’t there to use it. A good battery system like this one will capture some of that wasted energy and save it for you so it’s available when you need it.

Extensively Tested For Excellent Performance

SolarSkin has been meticulously tested to provide the ultimate in performance, durability, and lifespan. At two of the world’s top solar labs (the National Renewable Energy Lab and Fraunhofer Institute), SolarSkin engineers worked to perfect the product to stand up to even the most demanding environmental conditions. Accelerated aging testing, intense UV levels, and a wide range of climatic zones were utilized to mimic multiple years of outdoor exposure and prove that SolarSkin would last for years on any roof in the world.

The product was tested under an award by the Department of Energy SunShot initiative, and has successfully earned approval in the following areas:

  • Long-term adhesion
  • Excellent color and gloss retention and durability, including anti-yellowing, anti-browning, anti-caking
  • Long-term light transmission and power retention
  • Humidity freeze cycles to recreate repeated freeze-that (per IEC 61215
  • Damp-heat testing for 85 percent humidity and under 85C (per IEC 61215)
  • Rapid temperature cycling to account for various temperature fluctuations (per IEC 61215)

Warranty-Protected to Ensure Long-Lasting Quality

SolarSkin comes with a 10-year warranty, preserving your financial investment and demonstrating the manufacturer’s commitment to customer satisfaction. If your SolarSkin displays signs of manufacturer defects or issues, you can be confident that the proper action will be taken to resolve the problem.

Is Your Solar Project a Good Fit for SolarSkin?

SolarSkin is a custom-fitted product that is designed for all-black panels only. PEP Solar can retrofit your existing solar panels or include SolarSkin as part of your new solar panel system installation. For homeowners concerned about the negligible power loss, PEP Solar offers the option add one to two new panels to offset any minimal decrease in efficiency. Commercial application is available; local regulations apply.

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PEP Solar is now offering SolarSkin installation services for both new and existing customers, using our expertise to complete the retrofitting process and provide you with high-quality results. We have experience working with HOA-regulated neighborhoods as well as commercial developments and can assist you in successfully completing the approval process for both solar panels and SolarSkin. Also, PEP Solar can help you learn more about how you might qualify for a 30 percent federal income tax credit, putting high-quality solar power well within your budget.

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