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PEP Solar has been helping the residents and business owners of America effectively harness the sun’s energy since 1981. We proudly install quality panels and systems that are made in the U.S.A. throughout the communities we serve, ensuring they can withstand regional temperatures and conditions.

Areas We Service: Arizona

With about 300 sunny days each year, reaching out to a solar company in Phoenix just makes sense. PEP Solar knows the Phoenix metropolitan area, and we’re ready to empower you in whatever part of the Valley of the Sun you reside.


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Products and Services We Offer

When planning a solar panel installation, whether for the home or for a business, PEP Solar has everything that a person or a company could need. We provide a range of products and related services to ensure that our customers enjoy a quality solar energy system which meets their needs today and for the foreseeable future.


Photovoltaic Installation

Adding solar panels to a structure as a means to generate electricity during the day.

Solar Water Heating

Not merely capturing the sun's light, but also capturing its heat and putting it to use.

Solar Pool Filter Pumps

Keeping pools clean with ozonation instead of chlorination. No more funky chemicals or salt tablets.

System Inspection

Even the best systems can break down or experience a problem. Thorough inspections can identify or potentially avoid those problems.

Panel Cleaning

One of the simplest things with solar panels to keep them working at top efficiency is to clear away any dust or other debris that collects on them.


Photovoltaic Cells

We don't just install solar panels. We sell them as well.

Solar Air Conditioning

Solar powered air conditioning is just the sort of system that is tailor made for the environment Arizona residents live in.

Power Storage Solutions

The sun goes down, but you can store up the energy generated during the day for use at night until the sun comes back up again.

PEP Solar

With as much sunlight as our service areas in Arizona receive, going solar is an easy choice to make. Whether it's to help take your home off the power grid, or to cut costs with your business, PEP Solar is the experienced solar installer and product provider you can trust. Please contact us for more information.

Areas We Service: Texas (Coming Soon)