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Phoenix Energy Products, LLC DBA PEP Solar is a privately owned, Arizona-based company dedicated to providing our customers and neighbors, with advanced energy product solutions designed to meet your requirements. PEP Solar system solutions save you money and provide you with a return on your investment while saving and producing energy for your

home or business. During your solar system installation our skilled, certified team verifies and ensures your energy products save you money with our energy product options. Our other products such as solar electric PV, solar water heating, advanced solar air conditioning hvac, smart solar energy storage systems, solar pool heating, and Sparkle Clean Solar System are available to review throughout our website. Enjoy!

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Reducing Dependence on Dirty Energy, Coal and Foreign Oil Pollution; Improving the Quality of the Air We Breath by Utilizing an economically and socially responsible product line & manufacturers; Delivering an honest, consistent and realistic message to meet our customers' requirements; Providing high quality proven products; Creating advanced energy solutions;

We approach each and every project with Pride Excellence and Performance that's PEP - the hallmark of our business practice.



This was Phoenix Energy Products' Showroom in 1979 when times were simpler. Bonnie, the founder of Phoenix Energy Products (dba PEP Solar) was very innovative by bringing the PEP Showroom to the people of the Navajo Nation.

In 1981, Senator Barry Goldwater (an advocate for the Indian Nations) approached Phoenix Energy Products to meet with the chairman of the Navajos seeking solutions to their community dying due to asphyxiation from burning kerosene lamps inside their hogans. So, PEP began its journey and sought out a translator as a liaison to help study their daily lives. PEP by observing the daily activities of the Navajo chapter people, identified women making their rugs and kids studying using the kerosene lamps. The women and children would stay up late sometimes falling asleep but some would die from exposure to carbon monoxide from their lamps. PEP created a movie to take to Washington, and with Senator Barry Goldwater's assistance $5 Million ($55 million today) was appropriated from the Navajo Code Talker fund to help install remote solar electric off-grid systems, comprehensive solar education.

PEP then through a friend of ours, met with Shell Oil who owned Solavolt (a division purchased by Solar World in 2003). One of our family members who worked at Motorola introduced us to Motorola managers then co-produced solar electric modules under OEM for Phoenix Energy Products. Motorola Solar and Solavolt created solar panels for PEP in 1980 which they were installed on the Navajo Nation. The selected Navajo families were provided with solar lighting, small tv's, refrigerators for medication, water pumping systems, and battery systems. By 1982, PEP Solar had installed over 191 solar electric PV systems.


solar installs by



PEP also built energy efficient expanded styrene Hogan homes and trained the Navajos how to build them in 1982. At the time Phoenix Energy Products was the largest residential solar electric installer company in the United States. As Bonnie the founder and owner of the company would walk up to the women and children they knew they had been selected to a receive solar electric system. They touch her shoulder calling her "Shudeen...Light Giver". It never got old to Bonnie as she gave to her community.

PEP's Founder Bonnie Installing Solar in 1981

The photo left is our install crew loading up the panels for the next home on the Navajo reservation. Great care was taken as individual modules at the time were 3 times more than the average person made a month. Yep, that's Bonnie making sure the work is being completed on time.

On the left just below, it's the solar panels Motorola made for PEP. The Motorola modules were 40 watts each model MSP43A40 and as you can see $21 a dc watt wholesale not including the install!

navajo town discovers solar power with pep

Phoenix Energy Products™ continues to foster relationships with the community. Our services are unmatched in Pride, Excellence, and Performance.

The Arizona Republic newspaper image on the left was published in 1982. At the time of the photo 191 systems had already been installed on the Navajo Nation by Phoenix Energy Products. Mike Foster (wearing the hat) was one of our Engineers; He is demonstrating to the Chairman of the Navajo Nation & Chapter Development how the solar cells generate energy. The Chairman is now known as President. The Chapter Development assisted with the Phoenix Energy Products solar energy program.

PEP Solar has been around for decades, and its our holistic approach reviewing your project needs and providing solutions with proven products. Our PEP professionals are always excited to help people discover their own abilities to save lives, save money, and our planet.

PEP Solar Installing Solar Since 1981

our philosophy

Everything we do we believe in renewable energy because the universe already shows us its perfect design.

We believe in unlimited energy that is the sun.

We design solutions harnessing that energy through: Proven Technology, Product Reliability, Easy Use, And system you can believe.

We just happen to provide excellent products.

Not until all the laws of energy that are made by man are consistent with the laws of the universe; Will we live in a free world.

Author: Sean Monaghan COO and Bonnie Katz CEO © 2014.