Going Solar: Why you should pick CIS Thin Film panels for your Home

Maximize your solar potential.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right solar panels for your home.

Efficiency and performance for instance, may vary depending on the kind of solar panel you choose.

If you want to maximize your property’s solar potential, the CIS thin film technology is the way to go. CIS stands for copper, indium and selenium, the materials used for thin film panels. It is known to perform more efficiently than conventional solar panels.

What sets CIS thin film panels apart from standard solar panels? The CIS thin film technology is designed to absorb the sun’s energy better and yield more energy even in less than optimal conditions.

Good low-light behavior

It isn’t unusual to think that solar panels work best on days when the sun is blazing on a cloudless sky.

CIS thin film panels, however, can work just as well in low-light conditions, such as the sunrise or sunset, or even on cloudy days. This means that time in when it can absorb light is longer, and you can expect a higher power output.

High shadow tolerance

If you have a bit of shade surrounding your property, you might be worried about installing solar panels. But a little shade isn’t a problem for CIS thin film panels. Unlike conventional solar panels, CIS thin film panels remain operational even when part of it is concealed under shade.

Light-soaking effect

As CIS thin film panels are exposed to a few days sunlight, the amount of power it can generate increases. Once this “warm-up” period takes place, the high power yield stays for the whole duration of the panels’ lifespan.

High Temperature Performance

CIS Thin Film has 1/3 lower heat degradation of any poly or mono, and has a low temperature coefficient for greater production in the summer. CIS Thin Film Solar Panels have 10% more production over poly/mono crystalline module panels.

Pep Solar are the EXCLUSIVE dealers/installers of CIS Thin Film Solar Panels, the highest quality solar panels on the market.

Get Your CIS Thin Film Panels from PEP Solar

PEP Solar is an authorized dealer of Solar Frontier, one of the most innovative brands in the industry. The Solar Frontier SF175-S employs the CIS thin-film technology, which has everything you need to maximize your solar potential. Contact PEP Solar today and learn more about how this technology can benefit your home.

PEP Solar is an Arizona-based company. For more information, contact them at (623) 552-4966 or fill out the following form.

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