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Solar Energy Storage

The beauty of solar energy systems is that you can have one built to fit your needs. From a grid-tied system, it’s relatively easy to upgrade. Adding a solar battery to your system enables you to maximize the power collected by your panels and store them in your home for later use.

How do solar batteries work?

Solar storage systems take the DC energy produced by your solar panels converts it to AC and stores it. In sunny places like Arizona where solar panels are most efficient, it is possible to generate more energy than you need. Energy that your panels may generate during the day can be stored in the solar batteries so that no excess power is wasted. At night, the energy stored can be used to power important appliances in your home.

Solar panels reach peak power levels when you’re away from home. Harness excess energy with PEP Solar’s Solar Energy Storage.

Who Needs Solar Batteries?

Storing energy benefits virtually any home with solar panels. Homeowners and businesses for example, can save a lot more with storing solar energy, instead of feeding excess power back to the grid for nominal returns.

Batteries ensure on-demand power when you need it the most. Off-grid homes, remote communities, recreational vehicles, and electric vehicles can also benefit from a good solar storage system.

Own an electric vehicle? Most battery packs are not cut out for rapid EV charging but PEP Solar’s Solar Energy storage is.

Solar Battery Storage Incentives in Arizona

Apart from Arizona’s Residential Solar Tax Credit, there are other incentives residents can benefit from. Salt River Project (SRP), a utility company in Arizona, offers incentives to 4,500 of their residential electric customers for adding a battery storage to their homes. 

Customers can get up to $1,800 in incentives as long as they get their batteries installed by a licensed Arizona contractor like PEP Solar. As of this writing, there are 4068 reservations remaining.

PEP Solar’s Energy Storage

  • No Harmful Fumes, Odors or Chemicals
  • Will Never Catch Fire from Any Extreme Condition, Bullets, Punctures,
  • Crushing, Vibration or Extreme Heat. Tested SAE Safety Tested TUV SUD.
  • Field & Military tested for extreme temperatures: -40° F to 149° F with no power loss
  • 100% Available Power in Each Cell
  • Up to 8,000 cycles (approx. 20 years)
  • No Battery Memory Losses Over Time
  • Fast Charging Batteries Charged to 90% in Less than 10 Minutes
  • Less Expensive & Safer than a Whole House GAS Generator
  • Eligible for Tax Credits
  • Made In USA

The PEP Solar team works hard to make sure Arizona remains and lives up to its name as a top solar state. We will continue to deliver leading edge energy solutions with Pride, Excellence, and Performance.

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