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Move Away From Grid Power With A Capable Battery Pack For Your Home

The Solar Energy Storage System is a leading-edge battery system that can store huge amounts of solar energy for your home power needs. The product comes in a range of sizes and can be used for small or large-scale power solutions. Whether you need a battery to charge up your EV quickly, to power your refrigerator at night, or to give most of your home the power it needs to operate during the day, we have you covered at PEP Solar. Choose from small or large Solar Energy Storage Systems to match your exact power need.

On-Demand Power

There’s nothing like powering your home with your own purchased solar panels. As great as it is to cut your utility costs, it’s not so nice not having access to that power when the sun goes down. That’s why a Solar Energy Storage System is so important. It gives you access to that solar power even when the sun is down or when you’re going through a rare cloudy day. You’ll have backup power whenever you need it and can use it to keep your important appliances running so they’re always available.

Exceptional Energy Density

This battery pack offers a truly stunning energy density that successfully soaks up the power generated for a large solar array. It has a top capacity of 500A, allowing you to capture massive amounts of power to off-load power demands for much of your house if needed. The system is better than three traditional battery banks that won’t go over 150A and will ensure that you have power when you need it.

Key Sonnen Solar Energy Storage Features

  • No Harmful Fumes, Odors or Chemicals
  • Will Never Catch Fire from Any Extreme Condition, Bullets, Punctures,
  • Crushing, Vibration or Extreme Heat. Tested SAE Safety Tested TUV SUD.
  • Field & Military tested for extreme temperatures: -40° F to 149° F with no power loss
  • 100% Available Power in Each Cell
  • Up to 8,000 cycles (approx. 20 years)
  • No Battery Memory Losses Over Time
  • Fast Charging Batteries Charged to 90% in Less than 10 Minutes
  • Less Expensive & Safer than a Whole House GAS Generator
  • Eligible for Tax Credits
  • Made In USA

Rapid EV Charging

While most battery packs aren’t cut out for rapid EV charging, this system was meant for it. It can hold a charge up to 500A and is designed to withstand the heat generated when rapidly charging an EV. With this Solar Energy Storage System, you can have an off-grid charger for your EV that you can count on giving you power as long as there’s sun in the sky. The system will make your EV more affordable and more environmentally friendly.

Power When It’s Most Useful

Solar power is great, but for many people, peak power levels are reached when you’re away from home. That means most of your system’s power will be pumping into your home when you aren’t there to use it. A good battery system like this one will capture some of that wasted energy and save it for you so it’s available when you need it.

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Save More than Net Metering

Net metering is a way to send some of your excess solar power back to utility companies for a for future grid usage. It’s a way to get around using batteries, but it won’t save you as much money as using a Solar Energy Storage System will. Instead of off-loading your extra power to the grid for a nominal future saving, you can eliminate your power demand entirely. The power pack will hold all the power that your home needs, so when solar isn’t available you can still tap into that available power source and avoid pulling from the grid at all. It’s a more profitable system than Net Metering and can save you as much as 50% more each month.

Our Solar battery tech has a lot to offer. Stop relying on utility companies and make yourself more independent today. Contact us to find out which battery system is right for you!

Smart Home Energy

Using Sonnen’s all-inclusive intelligent solar storage technology, PEP Solar offers home energy solutions that are both reliable and cost-effective. Collect solar energy on the brightest days to store for later use. Monitor real-time energy production and consumption, while intelligent Energy Management optimizes per your historical and current energy usage models.


Advantages of sonnenBatterie Solar Storage Solutions

  • icon-smartConfigurable Backup Power
  • icon-weatherWeather Forecasting
  • icon-controlDemand Control
  • icon-loadLoad Management
  • icon-deviceControllable from Smartphone Tablet, and Smart Devices
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