Solar Frontier

Solar Frontier


Solar Frontier panels are the industry standard when it comes to conversion efficiency. Maximize your solar installation with Solar Frontier Panels.

Advance CIS Efficiency

As of June 2017, Solar Frontier achieved a record conversion efficiency of 22.9%. Increasing the efficiency of the CIS (Copper, Indium, Selenium) is key to reducing costs. CIS technology is known throughout the Solar industry for its ecological advancements and economic advantages.

The Aesthetic Difference

Solar Frontier CIS modules have a sleek, gorgeous black module surface and a black aluminum frame. The color was developed from the proprietary production process and only two silver busbars are visible on the module’s edges. The black frame of the modules is integrated for both function and design to provide long life reliability. While many PV modules have a glass surface that reflects the sunlight instead of absorbing it, Solar Frontier uses a patented anti-glare glass, greatly increasing efficiency.

Advantages In Real-World Conditions

CIS is designed to perform in real-world conditions, resulting in higher energy yield and a more efficient product. These advantages are seen through:

  • Improved Performance in Hot Conditions. The Solar Frontier CIS panels are simply the most powerful panels with the highest performance in high-heat conditions.
  • Increased power output after the first few days exposed to light. The product effectively “warms up” to the job.
  • Better tolerance for shadows means fewer times when the CIS isn’t absorbing sunlight and energy. With 137 cells in the Solar Frontier CIS panel, the panel will still function at a high level even with 80% covered by shadow. Conversely, a silicon panel will stop working with just a mere 30% shadow coverage.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a vital element to consider either when making the switch to solar, or improving your existing solar installation and Solar Frontier is at the cutting edge of energy efficiency. One such measure of efficiency Solar Frontier impressively outperforms the competition in is Energy Payback Time. Simply put, Energy Payback Time is the amount of time necessary for a module to gather an equivalent amount of energy as it spends when producing. The CIS modules that Solar Frontier utilizes require a staggering 60% less energy to produce than the standard crystalline silicon modules.

Solar Frontier Advantages

  • Performance: Solar Frontier has developed CIS solutions that generate more electricity than crystalline silicon in actual operating conditions.
  • Quality Assurance: Solar Frontier panels generate high and reliable yields in harsh environments, from deserts to coastal regions. Which equals better performance in hot conditions.
  • Design: The black, anti-glare surface of our modules offers a high-quality design element without disturbing surroundings.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Solar Frontier CIS modules require less energy and materials to produce than crystalline silicon panels.

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