Solar Electric PV Products

Solar Electric PV Products

The benefits of going solar are seen with installations both big and small. Regardless of the size of your installation, you will begin to immediately see savings on your energy bill in conjunction with a reduction in your greenhouse gas emissions. That, however, does not mean all solar products and installations are the same. Understanding the differences and benefits of each Solar Electric PV product will allow you to pick the installation that best suits your needs, maximizes the value your installation will provide, and unlock a New Way To Buy Power.

SolarWorld Sunmodule SWA 325 XL

Featuring the industry’s best anti-reflective coating, the Sunmodule SWA 325 XL is designed to efficiently capture light and increase the panel’s power. This, of course, means more optimized usage for you, but also increased the durability and longevity of the panel saving you money today and throughout the life of the panel. It’s also worth noting the seasonality of the SWA 325 XL. While all solar panels work most optimally with direct sunlight, an important differentiation is how they perform in less optimal conditions. The Sunmodule SWA325 XL will still operate well even during a cloudy day, and still provide 70% of its operating output on a rainy day. Call PEP Solar today to find out if the Sunmodule SWA 325 XL is the ideal option for your solar installation.


SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus SWA 285-290 Mono Black

Many of the same characteristics that make the SWA 325 XL a great panel is seen with the SWA 285-290. The anti-reflective coating allows the panels to maximize their ability to capture light, providing you with an efficient, durable, and long-lasting panel. It also has many of the same seasonal benefits. Where the two units differ is in size and aesthetic. While the SWA 325 XL features a silver frame, the SWA 285-290 is a full, mono-black panel. From a sizing perspective, the SWA 285-290 is a slightly smaller unit, about 9-inches in length, meaning less surface for light absorption and therefore a providing less output. Call PEP Solar today to let them explain the differences between these two SolarWorld panel models and determine which is the ideal fit for you!

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Advanced Solar Home Demand Management System

As one of only two companies authorized to resell and install this unit, PEP Solar is excited to introduce a New Way To Buy Power in the Phoenix market. This system works in conjunction with your solar products, supercharging your savings by managing your electric output. This allows you to better take advantages of your off-peak power which results in significantly reduced kilowatt costs. Installation of the Demand Management System typically shrinks SRP customer solar systems by 40% and APS customers by 30%, providing you incredible savings during both on and off-peak hours.



Maximize Your Solar System with PEP Solar’s Professional Install

Guarantee your investment in solar PV technology with top-grade installers from PEP solar. We guarantee that all your components will be installed by certified professionals and that the system will be put in properly and tested fully once completed. With our team of certified, professional installers, you’ll benefit from:

  • An Investment in Performance
  • Certified and Trained Installers
  • Top Efficiency

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Efficient, affordable, and virtually maintenance free, PEP Solar has many solar products to offer. PEP Solar has been servicing, repairing, and installing solar since 1981.

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