SRP Demand Management

SRP Demand Management


Combining your solar installation with SRP’s Demand Management System will allow you to maximize your solar power usage and minimize your utility bill. Find out how SRP Demand Management can save your money!

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SRP Demand Management, Ability to Stabilize Energy

The concept of demand management is to utilize an amount of energy required to run a home. In addition, this concept provides an opportunity for the house’s power to be used more efficiently, resulting in a stabilized use of energy. While avoiding peaks and valleys of unstable electric use, one may find that a significant amount of money has been saved. Furthermore, the concept of SRP’s demand management protects your wallet and most importantly our ecosystem.


During the early morning hours while one begins to prepare for their workday it is known that energy reaches a peak. The peak is generated by the amount of energy used from routined habits we may exhibit. For example, showering, lighting, and television. During these peak hours rates for electricity skyrocket.

Utilizing solar panels allows one to avoid the high rates of peak hour as they generate most of its power throughout the peak hours. Furthermore, aligning your solar panels with SRP’s Customer Generation Price Plan, the lowest of any SRP residential price plan, only results in a winning combination: saving money while using the same amount of energy but more efficiently.

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What Is Demand vs. Consumption?

The difference between demand (KW) and consumption (KWH) is vital to your choices in reducing your energy costs. A simple way to see the difference between demand and consumption is by considering the following example.

LIGHTING EXAMPLE: One 100-watt light bulb burning for 10 hours consumes 1,000 watt-hours or 1 kWh. The entire time it is on, it requires or “demands” 100 watts or 0.1 kW from the utility. That means the utility must have that 0.1 kW ready whenever the customer turns the lamp on.

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How Can I Benefit From This Plan?

So, you might ask, “why doesn’t the utility bill all customers for demand and consumption?” Seems like that is only fair. And it would be, but the fact is that most homes have a pretty similar demand profile and the meters capable of measuring both demand and consumption are much more expensive. Far too expensive to justify having one on every home. Utilizing SRP’s Demand Management System, you’ll have significantly more control over your energy demand, can better take advantage of off-peak power, and most importantly save significantly on your energy bill.

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