What Howie, Donald, Michael, Cameron, and Howard Had in Common

Howie Mandel is perhaps the person most noted for his Mysophobia (fear of dirt and germs). He refuses to shake hands, unless he’s wearing gloves, and even shaves his head to feel cleaner. Donald Trump was also known to avoid shaking hands (pre-Presidency), and still avoids pressing buttons on elevators. And BC (before COVID-19), Cameron Diaz was known as a compulsive hand-washer and opened doors with her elbows. Michael Jackson wore surgical masks in public well before it was required, and made his children wear them as well. And Howard Hughes’ extreme case of germaphobia led him to lock himself in a hotel room for months to avoid germs, eventually turning him into a recluse. 

The answer to our question is Howie, Donald, Michael, Cameron, and Howard are five of the most famous American germaphobes. 

The corona virus pandemic is disrupting virtually every aspect of our lives and forcing us to re-think our position on habits and hygiene. Maybe Howie and Donald were right, shaking hands, and bro hugs may never return. Now, we all wash our hands, for a full-twenty-seconds, incessantly, Cameron led the way. Surgical masks are now commonplace in public places, a practice that would have drawn stares and scorn before the Spring of 2020. 

Sheltering in Place

Most of us, who were fortunate enough to shelter in place had access to the necessities and amenities provided by our homes. Truth be told, hunkering down at home wasn’t all that bad, or was it? We disinfected counter-tops and FedEx packages; we even wiped down the mail and food deliveries. But, did you know that poor air quality in our homes has become near epidemic in this country? Our houses are plagued with stale air, harmful pathogens, pet dander, airborne illness, and VOC gases (Volatile Organic Compounds). In most instances, these airborne pathogens can stay inside a house for months, potentially spreading disease. 

In this article, we’ll introduce a solution to this stale air dilemma, efficient, money-saving, sustainable QuietCool systems. You and your family don’t have to live with stale air any longer.

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Why QuietCool Systems?

In short, QuietCool’s systems are ideal for saving money and making homes cleaner, safer, and more comfortable! With the amount of time you and your loved ones are spending in your house these days, air quality is essential. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that, on average, Americans spend nearly ninety percent of their time indoors. Imagine the futility of sheltering in place to avoid germs and bacteria if the site you’re hunkering down in is home to airborne pathogens! And in these uncertain times, being energy efficient, saving on utility bills, and using renewable energy is an excellent investment. As an example, the US Department of Energy advises that the most cost-effective way to cool your home is a whole house fan, and QuietCool fans are the most energy-efficient on the market today. The QuietCool fan is quiet, of course, but it is also efficient in reducing energy costs and producing the clean, pristine air you want inside your home.

QuietCool Explained

QuietCool’s patented ventilating systems feature incredibly efficient and whisper-quiet fans to alleviate air quality and high utility cost issues. Their thermal mass cooling process allows you to completely replace the air in your house in only three–four minutes. Keeping your windows shut and continuously using your air conditioning system increases the stale air in your home. QuietCool systems are designed to pull clean, fresh air from outdoors into your home, so you are not reconditioning the same air repeatedly. And QuietCool doesn’t require chemicals. 

QuietCool systems are energy efficient – they are engineered and manufactured to be the most energy-efficient cooling systems available today. QuietCool is so efficient that it costs about a dollar a day to operate, approximately the same as the cost of a large floor fan.

See below an example of QuietCool cycling continuously 24 hrs a day.

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The Benefits of QuietCool

QuietCool solar systems use sunlight to power the fan’s motor, preventing heat or moisture build-up in your attic. In our market, your attic can easily reach temperatures exceeding 150 degrees. These excessive temperatures can destroy a roof and impact the integrity of your home. QuietCool can help prolong the life of your roof and your air conditioner while saving on utility costs.

Operates Even Without the Sun

An AC/DC inverter will enable your QuietCool Solar Fan to run, even after the sun goes down. When the sun is shining, the fan runs on solar power from the solar panels. At night, the fan switches to AC power and continues to run. Solar allows you to cool your attic during the hottest part of the day.

Additional Benefits of QuietCool Solar

  • Reduces Utility Bills
  • Better Ventilation for Better Health
  • Cleaner, More Pristine Air
  • Removes Pet Odors and Dander
  • Helps Prevent Mold and Mildew
  • Removes Kitchen Odors and Dissipates Heat
  • Lowers AC Run-Time
  • Removes Steam and Humidity in Bathrooms
  • Expels VOC gases (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Solar Incentives for QuietCool

Federal tax credits for QuietCool solar systems have declined but are still available. See chart below for incentives for 2020 onward:


Additionally, most states and local governments have renewable energy incentive programs, and QuietCool is offering rebates for several of their systems. 

Will QuietCool Work for My Situation

First, understand that if you live in an area of excessive heat, such as Arizona, where temperatures have exceeded 110° multiple times already in 2020, your roofing materials are often poor reflectors. The shingles on your roof transfer heat to your attic, through the ceiling and into the interior of your home. This radiating heat can directly impact your home’s comfort level while increasing your energy costs. 

We recommend you contact a licensed installer to determine if your home could benefit from a QuietCool ventilation system. You may be able to increase the comfort of your home, the purity of your air, and extend your roof and HVAC system’s life.

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Forms of QuietCool

A professional, licensed installer can educate you as to the appropriate QuietCool solution for your situation. There are Solar Roof Mount Attic Fans, Gable Fans, Whole House Fans, Portable Evaporative Coolers, and a myriad of other alternatives and accessories available.

QuietCool Life & Warranty

QuietCool offers an industry-leading fifteen-year warranty on Solar Attic Fans, affording you the confidence that your system will operate at full potential for that long, or more likely, even longer.

In Summary – PEP Solar

PEP Solar is a full-service solar company. We have been installing, servicing, inspecting, and repairing solar for homeowners and businesses in Arizona since 1981. Our mission is to provide the appropriate solar power solution – one that performs beyond your expectations for your system’s life. 

We are a licensed installer of QuietCool fans because we know their quality, reliability, and dependability. You’ll enjoy their whisper-quiet operation and how they make your home feel. QuietCool has an industry-best 98% customer satisfaction rating and offers homeowners the optimal way to save money on energy costs and enjoy pristine air in the comfort of your home. 

Let us help you become a “prosumer,” a homeowner that both produces and consumes solar energy. For more expert information on all things solar, visit us online at pepsolar.com or contact us at: (623) 806-8806.

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