Homeowner Associations Must Allow Solar PV Installs:

Arizona Laws & Federal Laws Demand It

In one of our previous blog posts, we discussed the rights to operate solar energy systems in homes. We’ve established that HOA’s cannot legally prevent you from going solar, and there are state policies in place that will protect you from restrictions. In this blog, we’ll be discussing additional details that can help you make informed decisions. Don’t be discouraged by potential conflicts with your HOA. Here are ways you can prepare for a solar installation without any worry.

Know Arizona Laws on Solar

There are two key legislation that can help you as a solar energy owner. The first was discussed in our previous blog on Solar Access Rights. While homeowner associations cannot prevent you from installing solar panels, they can set reasonable rules you should follow during installation. 

Any HOA rule that hampers the efficiency of your solar energy system is unreasonable. The second one, 33-439, states that deeds, contracts or agreements that affect your decision to buy a property because of solar restrictions is void:

33-439. Restrictions on installation or use of solar energy devices invalid; exception

  • Any covenant, restriction or condition contained in any deed, contract, security agreement or other instrument affecting the transfer or sale of, or any interest in, real property which effectively prohibits the installation or use of a solar energy device as defined in section 44-1761 is void and unenforceable.
  • A deed, contract, security agreement or other instrument affecting the transfer or sale of, or any interest in, real property entered into before April 17, 1980 shall not be subject to the provisions of this section. (azleg.gov)

Do Your Homework

Read your HOA bylaws to check for any loopholes that might cause problems for you in the future. HOAs can still enforce rules on solar, provided that they are reasonable. If you don’t have a roof that can support solar panels, for example, it might not be a good idea to get roof panels. 

Going solar is always a good decision, but make sure you’re aware of the details before you start. It helps to work with a contractor that can make things easy for you.

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Ask Yourself Important Questions

Before you rush into any decision, ask yourself the basic questions.

While you can always let your contractor handle the tough parts, it’s important to be aware of what you’re getting into. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Which solar products should I invest in to maximize the efficiency of my panels?
  • Should I lease or buy my own solar panels?

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council has put together a consumer checklist for people looking into owning solar.  

PEP Solar believes that renewable energy can lead to a better future. That’s why we will continue to help our community make informed decisions about solar energy. We will work towards the future with Pride, Excellence, and Performance.

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