Solar Repair Services in Phoenix Arizona

Solar Repair Services in Phoenix Arizona

Solar Maintenance, Repair, Removal/Reinstallation, & Replacement in Arizona

PEP Solar provides professional solar panel removal and replacement services in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas, as well as repair, maintenance, and solar system reinstallation and upgrades. We serve both residential and commercial clients in the Phoenix area.

Our fully certified team has the skills and expertise to maximize your investment and save you money with solar. Not only will you have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve partnered with the industry’s top professionals, but you’ll also benefit from our exceptional customer service and affordable pricing.

For more than four decades, PEP Solar has been a leader in innovation, quality, and education in the U.S. solar industry. When it comes to solar repair technicians in Phoenix, AZ, and its neighboring cities, we’re the team to trust.  

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Solar System Repair

There are numerous benefits to using solar power, one of which is the exceptional reliability of your system’s performance. When properly installed, a system typically needs next to no service or repair. 

However, there are cases in which system faults, damage, or rare issues may require professional help. Be aware that only trained and certified professionals have the knowledge necessary to diagnose problems and decipher error codes – so don’t put your investment in the wrong hands.

Common issues that our Phoenix, Arizona solar system repair technicians can resolve include:

  • Shattered solar panels
  • Electrical shorts
  • Arc faults
  • Error codes
  • Lack of electrical output 
  • Hardware issues

PEP Solar will inspect your system to determine the issue, evaluating the best option for system or solar panel repair. For older systems, our technicians may be able to describe options for optimization. Our goal is always to help you make an informed choice, which is why our team is dedicated to honesty, integrity, and service – not up charging you for unnecessary work.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Generally, a solar panel system shouldn’t require significant maintenance. But if you’re concerned that your solar solution isn’t delivering the efficient electrical performance it should, the PEP Solar technicians can help. 

We’ll take a look at the operation, output, and other aspects, determining whether any maintenance is necessary for the panels, inverter, or other components.

Solar Panel Removal and Reinstall

Whether your home is in need of roof repairs or you’re having a brand-new roof installed, solar panels can easily get in the way. And because they’re high-voltage electric systems with a complex method of construction, you aren’t likely to find many companies that feel comfortable handling them – that is, except for a professional solar service provider. 

Because new solar systems typically come with extensive warranties, the odds are pretty high that your panels will outlast your roof. Don’t risk the performance or integrity of your system; we highly recommend that you work with a solar company to remove and reinstall your panels. PEP Solar is well-equipped for the job, saving you the stress of possible damage or improper installation.

Here are just a few of the things we consider when planning a removal and reinstallation project (and you should too):

  • An inspection/system checkup is an important first step, especially to preserve performance and pinpoint any potential issues
  • The panel configuration must be precisely mapped and indexed, so there are no questions during reinstallation
  • System operation will be suspended
  • Not only will the solar panels and structure need to be carefully removed, but arranging secure storage is also vital
  • After the roofing (or other related) project is complete, the structure and panels should be restored to their original layout
  • The solar power system should be recommissioned prompt to restore service

In some cases, your solar PV system may need to be reconfigured to fit a new roof shape or orientation. PEP Solar can revise the layout, manage the process of obtaining permits, and focus on ensuring the productivity of the redesign.

Solar System Upgrades

Your solar panels are likely to serve their purpose for decades, especially as there are few updates made to their core technology and structure. However, inverter systems have seen significant advancements in recent years – even if your solar panel installation was within the last several years, an upgrade may be a smart idea.

Here are some of the benefits of upgrading a solar PV system:

  • The output of individual panels can be effectively balanced using microinverter and optimized string inverter systems, boosting overall productivity
  • The latest inverters make monitoring simple, giving you access to real-time, panel-level details directly on your smartphone
  • The industry has recently seen drastic improvements in the reliability of inverters, and many of the top brands have made it extremely cost-effective to upgrade

If you aren’t sure if upgrading your solar PV system is the right choice, PEP Solar is happy to offer our honest expertise. We’ll assess your current setup, then provide guidance for your next best steps.

Trust PEP Solar for Maintenance and Repairs for Solar Panels & Power Systems in Phoenix, Arizona

Solar is an excellent way to put renewable energy to work for you, helping you stay both cost- and eco-conscious at your home or business. When you’re searching for experienced professionals to install, fix, service, or upgrade your solar panel solution, make PEP Solar your first choice.

We’re the experts in all things solar, serving Phoenix, AZ, and other cities with professional solar installation, solar panel repair, and other services. For years, our customers have turned to us for solar service solutions they can trust. 

Request an estimate for your house or business when you contact PEP Solar online or via phone at (623)264-6888.

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Our Customer Testimonials

“Great company with fantastic results that saves me a significant amount of money monthly to what my precious electric bills were and I also produce extra energy and give back to the grid too with net metering and get some credits and money back. Solar panels help the environment by reducing reliance on fossil fuels, coal, and nuclear energy. I’m impressed with PEP since a few years ago I also received interest free financing and an even bigger federal tax credit. I do not have to feel as guilty using electricity especially in the hot summer months like I used to. It is too bad that newer customers have to pay a solar fee to the utilities now which truly discourages people from using this wonderful source of free and natural energy from our sun. PEP has also been efficient and effective to come and help fix any problems that I had as well when my car accidentally hit one the electrical casings outside my house which knocked down my solar production. What a difference in my electric bill! I highly recommend PEP for their experience, knowledge, and performance.”

– Shaun B.