Charge Forward Faster With Level 2 Charging

Are you purchasing a new electric car or want to charge your electric car at home faster?  PEP Solar can reduce your charge time at home from 11 hours to 6 hours with a Level 2 charger.  Our Level 2 chargers are programmable to automatically charge at the optimal times when the cost of power is lower.

EV Charging Checklist:

  1. Are you amped up (enough)? Your home likely uses a 200 amps of current. Most EV chargers pull 50-60 amps of current. If the EV charger were the only item in the 200 amp load center you’d be fine. In reality, other appliances need amps, too. If your home has a 100-amp panel you likely need an upgrade to a 200-amp load before using your Level 2 EV charger. As a  licensed contractor we can make it happen.
  2. Is there physically enough space on your load center? A high capacity panel won’t help you if every single circuit breaker is already fully utilized. PEP Solar can at a glance see if you have enough space.
  3. Do you have high enough voltage? Does the grid deliver the 240V of power you need for an EV charger? This almost always a given. The answer is most likely “yes.” Virtually all homes in the US are fed 240V to the home. The reason most outlets are 120V is that they’re only wired to one half side of the 240V service since most appliances only call for 120V.

If you answered “yes” to all 3 questions: Great, Level 2 installation is going to be a great fit. PEP Solar will make your install smooth, easy, and quickly available (only slowed by the municipality who reviews the engineering).  Save money and increase convenience:  Charge Your EV today with your Level 2 charger.

City municipalities do require a licensed contractor to engineer, permit, and install your new level 2 charger.

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