Powering The Possibilities™: Now Offering Tesla PowerWall

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We know you want options when it comes to solar battery backup systems. You want the ability to power what’s most important to you, to customize your battery backup system to fit your energy needs in today’s uncertain world, from a company that’s proven install, design, and service is #1 in the industry. 

You want to be able to choose exactly what—and how much—you backup during blackouts and outages with multiple product solutions.

We heard you. PEP Solar’s home battery service now allows you to back up your whole home with Tesla Powerwall, making sure everyone in your household is covered during a blackout.

Announcing: Whole home backup with Tesla Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall is charged by home’s connected PEP Solar system. The stored electricity is available for use when you need it most. With Tesla Powerwall as part of your PEP Solar system Own Your Solar™

  • Protection: Seamless energy automatically keeps your lights on, food fresh, and more during an outage based on your solution.
  • Reliability: Unlike generators powered by expensive fuel sources, Tesla PowerWall is powered by infinite renewable solar from the sun.
  • Control: Provides predictability in your costs with a fixed rate for your solar and battery power
  • Sustainability: Generating power where it’s used means a home that relies less on coal power (currently 68% in Arizona alone) and creates a cleaner opportunity today

gray tesla house

Powering The Possibilities™

The Era Of The Battery Has Begun

Reliable Power & Blackout Protection

Own Your Solar™ through uncertainty with solutions featuring Tesla PowerWall Whole Home Backup™

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