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Introducing Solar Skin

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Solar Skin For Your Solar Panels

USA Flag or Roof Blending To Match Your Roof – Ideas are Endless

Installing solar panels has quickly become one of the smartest ways to save on energy costs and minimize your environmental impact – but did you know that there’s a way to take your solar panels to the next level? Solar Skin is a specialty product designed to serve a variety of functions and enhance the overall look and lifespan of your solar panels.

Resembling the thin vinyl film used for cellphone screen protectors, Solar Skin is a flexible layer of outdoor-rated material coated with ultra-durable graphics. The film is custom-cut to fit a wide range of high-efficiency, solid black solar panels, making it compatible with all panel sizes, styles, and brands.  It also comes with an MFG 10-year warranty.

With Solar Skin, not only can you improve the aesthetics of your standard solar panels, but you can also take proactive steps to protect your investment and maximize durability.  

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Transform Your Solar Make A Statement

Adding Solar Skin to your solar panels is a simple, straightforward process that can be quickly completed by a professional installer. First, you’ll work with the PEP Solar team to design and order your Solar Skin, ensuring that it matches your exact specifications. Then, one of our expert installers will apply the film to your solar panels, checking for a perfect fit and proper application. Because Solar Skin is custom-cut to size, you can be confident that your panels will have a seamless look.

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Blend In Your Solar Panels with Ease

While solar panels do wonders for reducing your electricity bill and protecting the environment, their industrial, drab style isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. Now, with Solar Skin, you can revive your home’s curb appeal while preserving your energy efficiency. Professional printing and high-quality graphics make Solar Skin a beautiful option for enhancing the exterior of your home.

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