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Key Things to Know About the Commercial Solar Installation Process

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A solar energy solution can be a savvy financial investment for your business and a major asset for virtually any commercial property. Not only can you significantly reduce your electricity costs, but you’ll also be demonstrating a solid commitment to sustainability – and joining the ranks of many hugely successful businesses that have done the same. Whether you’re already ready to make the switch to solar or you’re just beginning to consider it as an option, PEP Solar is here to help you navigate the decision-making process. Our commercial solar installation experts have partnered with a diverse range of business owners, serving as a reliable source of information and outstanding service every step of the way. And above all, we want our commercial solar clients to be confident that they’ve made the right choice for their business. We’ve assembled a useful guide to commercial solar panel installation, explaining exactly what to expect, starting with the first consultation and finishing with the final set-up. Although our team tailors the process according to the specific needs of the client, project, and site, there are generally five basic steps that are involved.

The Commercial Solar Installation Process

Let’s take a closer look at the series of steps for solar installation for businesses.

1. Evaluating the site.

First and foremost, we focus on assessing the site and property where the solar energy solution will be installed. This is a necessity for all commercial solar projects because it allows us to devise a detailed design and installation plan. During the initial site evaluation, we will:
  • Review relevant legal documents to make sure that you can legally construct and install a solar energy system on your property.
  • Determine how your system will be connected to the power grid.
  • Conduct a shade analysis, structural evaluation(s), and both geological and topographical surveys.
The goal of our site evaluation visit is to cover every single detail that will factor into the project, ensuring that we set you up for success. As your solar panel installer, we will perform our due diligence so that you can be confident that the project will go smoothly.

2. Designing the solar energy system.

After our team has collected all of the necessary information, including specifics of your power needs and specific goals, we start engineering your system. Any conceptual/initial ideas are translated into formal plans, which will be communicated in the form of design drawings. Design drawings are intended to illustrate where the solar panels will be placed, how they will be arranged, and what construction will intend. There will also be permit drawings, which are required to obtain the required building permits. And finally, construction drawings will be created to serve as the blueprints for your commercial solar project.

3. Constructing the solar panel system.

Once construction begins, the timeline can range from 6-12 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the project. You can expect to be provided with an estimated completion timeframe, as well as a clearly developed project plan. These details will be very useful in adjusting your business operations if/when necessary. For example, you may need to arrange alternate parking for a short period of time or be prepared for a short, temporary power shutdown.

4. Commissioning the completed solar energy system.

When construction has been completed, your project will move into the final phase: commissioning. Think of this as the very last hurdle that you’ll need to get over – and your confirmation that your system is up to par. Your PEP Solar installation provider will inspect the system, and make sure that every last detail has been addressed according to plan. We will check that the system operates as it should and measures up to our performance expectations. During commissioning, the utility will also give you permission to connect to the local power grid and operate your new system. And then, it’s time to celebrate, because you’ll officially be generating your own clean, sustainable energy!

What Happens After Solar Panel Installation is Complete?

The high-quality solar energy systems we use today require very little in the way of maintenance, but there are a few simple steps to take to ensure you get the best value from your investment. Properly maintaining and servicing your commercial solar panel system will set you up for years of reliable energy, while also significantly reducing any potential issues. When you sign an installation contract, the terms will include information about operation and maintenance going forward. Depending on your provider, you can customize assistance services such as annual inspections, performance guarantees, monthly performance reports, and even the application of protective products. Operation and maintenance (O&M) are one of the many reasons that it’s so incredibly important to select a solar provider you can trust. Your installation team should have a well-established reputation for excellence, as well as a track record of providing clients with long-term support. The last thing you want is an installer that disappears once they’ve been paid – because then you’re left with few options should something go wrong.

Are There Tax Credits for Commercial Solar Energy?

You may qualify for various tax incentives for solar energy for businesses, both from federal and state/local sources. Keep in mind that incentive programs regularly change, so it’s important to seek out the most up-to-date information that’s accurate for your location. Presently, there are federal tax credits available for eligible commercial installation projects. Known as the solar investment tax credit (ITC), it can cover a portion of the cost of installation and is claimed on federal corporate income tax credits. PEP Solar can provide you with additional details about any AZ or TX incentives for solar power for businesses if available.

Get More Information about Upgrading Your Business with Solar Energy

There is an array of benefits to commercial solar energy, including those that make it a smart investment in both the short- and long term. With a clear understanding of the commercial solar panel installation process, you can be well-prepared for every stage of a project at your site. If you’d like to know if solar power is a good move for your business, PEP Solar can work with you to break down the pros and cons of commercial solar. During a consultation, we’re focused on helping you learn as much as possible about solar – our team isn’t just there to make a quick sale. For additional details about commercial solar installation in AZ and TX from PEP Solar, contact our team today.

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