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Can I really get solar power installed for $0 Down?

 Unleash Your Power To Save Now!

Energy Savings

When you own your solar system with PEP Solar, you save more.

Solar System Monitoring

5 Year free diagnostics, Life-Time Monitoring when you own your system.

Lock In Your Electric Rates

Your Savings Grow Not Shrink With Gimmicks

You obtain a comprehensive statement of savings.

Fact  -  Though there have been small improvements in solar panel efficiency, solar panels actually have changed surprisingly little in the last several decades. Compared with the technologies in your cell phone or laptop, solar technologies are relatively stable.

Myth - Solar power is only for the wealthy.

Fact -  Solar power is one of the best home improvement investments you can make– it’s a way to save money (and even make money). You’ll slash your electricity bill, and you can use rebates, tax credits, and financing to make the cost of installation completely within your means. An average solar power system returns 2-4 times its cost in saved electricity bills, and it will pay itself back between 6-8 years.

Myth -  Solar power is only for the “tree-huggers”.

Fact – Solar panel customers are savvy consumers who not only protect themselves from out of control electricity costs, they also help protect our environment – and our children’s futures – from the perils of dirty utility power and global warming. If that’s what it means to be a “tree-hugger,” most are all for it.

Myth – Solar panels will increase my property taxes.

Fact -  In Arizona, solar installations are actually exempt from property tax until 2040. Because of that, installing solar panels will increase the resale value of your house (As long as you own the system and it is part of your “Real Property”) without increasing your property tax at all.

Continuous Ability To Improve Savings When You Own Your System

Upgrade at any time, add more savings, improve your bottom line when you own your system. And we are your solar power installers.

You are not tied down to 20 or 25 year lease not allowing you to improve your savings, or upgrade anytime.

PEP Solar’s mission is to organize homeowners to adopt solar as their main source of electricity. Unfortunately many homeowners or businesses don’t realize how affordable solar is. Not long ago solar was thought of a luxury product that only the rich could afford but now even middle class families can go solar. Now when you own your solar you can actually save money when you compare it to traditional electricity bills and other options. So, we’re here to spread the word that not only is solar a great choice for the environment but it’s also an excellent choice for your wallet!.

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