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PEP Solar is Arizona’s first residential installer, and as a respected Arizona Solar Energy Company we provide solar power services, including maintenance and cleaning, across the state of Arizona. Schedule your solar cleaning yearly with one of our Sparkle Clean Solar System dealers.

discover how regular solar maintenance can save you money with a free site evaluation.

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Obtain the Klean Automatic Solar System and never worry again if your solar electric system is clean. Or, protect your system with regular cleaning & maintenance. The Sparkle Clean Solar Maintenance Program from PEP Solar provides certified peace-of-mind.

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As Arizona’s first residential solar installer, the Arizona Solar Industry recognizes PEP Solar’s committed to not out smarting our customer but providing solutions in a professional offering.

Let us help you on your journey toward Energy Independence.

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PEP Solar is a full-service Solar Panel Installation company in Arizona since 1981. We Unleash Your Power To Save.

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certified & licensed solar maintenance

There is more to purchasing a solar energy system than owning your solar and waiting for the system to produce electricity. If you want to ensure your system runs at peak capacity, offsetting as much dirty energy as possible as well as saving you the most money, your system needs to operate efficiently. This means sparkle clean solar panels as well as a certified professionals to properly maintain your system.

PEP Solar is dedicated to a sparkle clean, improved world; we make certain your system is running at peak capacity. Our certified analysts present complete maintenance plans, including regular cleaning and inspection, for ensuring system efficiency as well as peace-of-mind. Read about our Sparkle Clean Maintenance Plan.

sparkle plan

Our Sparkle Clean Solar Maintenance Plan™ includes the following perks and services:

Annual Solar System inspection, including but not limited to checking the system voltage, electrical connections, line-of-sight, inverter and power connectors, fuse and breaker, and disconnect. With our certified and knowledge of NEC 690 code, you are assured we have you covered.

Semi-annual Solar Panel Cleaning, to ensure system efficiency and protect the most expensive components of your solar energy system, the solar panels, from corrosion or bird droppings.

Discount pricing for additional cleanings and inspections, including emergency cleaning following storms.

With plans starting at just $29 a month, it makes financial sense to protect your solar energy system with an Clean Solar Maintenance Plan™ from PEP Solar.