solar photo voltaic electrical system install

Installing a solar photovoltaic electric system for your home is the best way to increase value (you must own the system not lease) and save with Arizona's greatest resource; The Sun The Power Giver. PEP Solar takes pride in your solar electric install.

efficient, affordable and maintenance free!

PEP Solar has many solar products to offer and solar electric is one of the best ways to lower your monthly utility bills. With you investment in a clean, renewable source of power, your system will be generating its own power with solar. You will also be be protected from future utility rate increases. Contact us to find out why PEP Solar is one of the best options for your wallet 623.806.8806.



Solutions from a single source. Quality including the smallest detail - guaranteed.

PEP solar is a power partner

  • PEP Solar Is A Power Partner
  • Up To 30 Year Solar MFG Power Guarantee on Select Models
  • 25 Year TRUEAC Inverter MFG Warranty
  • Highest Quality Guaranteed Production Power
  • Assembled USA, American Solar
  • Lifetime Monitoring
  • Tier 1 - Vertically Integrated Panel
  • Premium High Quality Offering
  • Producing Up To 25th More Energy Than 99% of Single Inverters
  • Go Solar !