solar hot water

PEP Solar is a full-service advanced energy solutions company specializing in renewable energy and energy conservation for new construction and retrofits. We provide customized solutions which include consulting, design, and service.

solar water heating solutions & products

PEP Solar’s solar water heating systems can reduce hot water energy use by over 50% and in some cases can exceed savings with our hybrid “solar electric and water” systems reducing your overall monthly utility costs even more.

Arizona has more sun than anywhere else in the US. It’s about time we use all this free energy to allow solar power to provide clean, non-polluting, and sustainable free energy savings.

Solar hot water is a great way to save with long term warranties and 310 days of sunshine each year. Contact us for a free evaluation, including an energy analysis to determine the right solar hot water solution for you.

The sun is able to generate enough heat well above required needs for a typical household or business for bathing, washing clothes or dishes. Solar hot water heaters or solar thermal systems provide efficient hot water for homes and businesses environmentally with proven innovations.

These systems use the sun to heat fluid, water, or other liquids in solar collectors mostly mounted on the roof. The heated fluid is able to transfer heat directly or indirectly to water stored in a tank.

Solar hot water systems are one of the most cost-effective ways to save over the lifetime of the system - since there are 310 days of free sunshine.