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We make it easy for you to get home solar installed on your home or business. Many people are qualifying for $0 down installations! Fill out our easy application and you'll be contacted by one of our solar energy consultants who will make sure you will receive a comprehensive report demonstrating how the best solar power system for your home or business needs will make sense. Arizona is an island of sunshine while the rest of the nation can only dream of your opportunity to go solar. Most other states have up to 50% less solar while Arizona basks in energy opportunity.

can i really get solar power installed for $0 down?

Yes! Not only can you get it installed for $0 down but you will also save money on your monthly electricity bills and own your solar. Through government incentives and appealing financing you can get solar installed for nothing down and your only commitment is paying your monthly electricity bill which will be at a rate lower than what you already pay the utility companies. It is an amazing program available to consumers but could only be available for a limited time depending on how long government programs allowing you to sell power to the utility companies are kept in place. We take care of all the details ensuring an incredibly simple process for you to get solar power in your home. Just be sure to act now so you can take advantage of these excellent programs!

why should i get solar power?

With so much sun available to us in Arizona it's absolutely no-brainer solution to get solar power for your home or business as soon as possible. Not only can you get a system installed on your home but you'll also benefit from greatly reduced electricity rates once your system is installed. Less worry about whether your electric bill will be higher this year than last or wondering if your energy cost for the month is over $200 a month in the summer. Also with concerns regarding the environment, global economy, or national security Americans need to take it upon themselves to make that difference starting with their own homes or business. When man went on the moon it was "One Giant Leap For Mankind." Solar power is an easy step towards improving our environment, our economy, and national security. When You Unleash Your Power You Win!

how does solar power work?

Solar power systems simply and with no moving parts convert sunlight into electricity for your home or business. Silicon wafers similarly imbedded in your laptop or cell phone capture energy from sunlight and converts it into DC power. The secondary part of the no-moving system, inverters, then transfer 120 volt AC power and connect to your home or business's existing electrical system, as well as your neighborhood's electrical grid. When the sun is shining (generally 310 days a year in Arizona), most homes are able to generate more power than you consume. This means your electrical meter will actually spin backwards! Then at night when your home or business is no loner generating power you'll draw on utility company's less expensive power, essentially using the electrical grid as a energy storage.

solar panel myths

Myth - Solar technology is improving quickly, so it's better to wait

Fact - Though there have been small improvements in solar panel efficiency, solar panels actually have changed surprisingly little in the last several decades. Compared with the technologies in your cell phone or laptop, solar technologies are relatively stable.

Myth - Solar power is only for the wealthy.

Fact - Solar power is one of the best home improvement investments you can make - it's a way to save money (and even make money). You'll slash your electricity bill, and you can use rebates, tax credits, and financing to make the cost of installation completely within your means. An average solar power system returns 2-4 times its cost in saved electricity bills, and it will pay itself back between 6-8 years.

Myth - Solar power is for the "tree-huggers".

Fact - Solar panel customers are savvy consumers who not only protect themselves from out of control electricity costs, they also help protect our environment - and our children's futures - from the perils of dirty utility power and global climate change. If that's what it means to be a "tree-hugger." most are all for it.

Myth - Solar panels will increase my property taxes.

Fact - In Arizona, solar installations are actually exempt from property tax until 2040. Because of that, installing solar panels will increase the resale value of your house (As long as you own the system and it is part of your "Real Property") without increasing your property tax at all.

is my home a good candidate for solar?

Your home's or business's location, shading from parapet walls or trees, the square footage of your roof, the type of root, and the electrical panel are all factors which need to be looked at while you consider solar for your home or business. Generally, you want to install a solar electric (PV) system in a location which is free from shading. Additionally it is ideal if the roof itself is oriented south, west, or east. Our energy consultants will consider all of these factors, and assist will the best options that may effect the amount of power your solar power system is able to produce.

This isn't to say that if you have shading on your roof or if your roof isn't facing the right direction you can't qualify for the solar program. You will be able to chose from an array of products to still qualify for an efficient system. That is why we strongly urge anyone that is interested in solar to complete out online application which will Unleash Your Power To Save. Fill Out Our Contact Form Now.

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