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Most advanced HOA's have adopted solar as a great way to improve the value of their homes when the homeowner purchases the system. At PEP Solar we work very diligently with your HOA, and we express the rights of the homeowner to install solar on one roof.

must your hoa approve solar? yes!

New Laws allow homeowners who reside in an HOA to have solar installed on their roof. HOA must comply with Federal and State Laws to Allow for Solar. Home associations who continually delay meetings to approve solar are obstructing federal and state laws to allow for solar. Some homeowners' private associations have tried to ban homeowners homeowners from installing solar panels for a variety of reasons. Arizona law now protects individual homeowners' private property rights to solar access by dissolving any local covenant, restriction or condition attached to a property deed that restricts the use of solar energy. The following is a direct statement from the Arizona State Law: Solar Technology ruling.

arizona law: solar technology

A.R.S. ยง 33-1816 Solar energy devices; reasonable restrictions; fee and costs


A. Notwithstanding any provision in the community documents, an association shall not prohibit the installation or use of a solar energy device as defined in section 44-1761.

B. An association may adopt reasonable rules regarding the placement of a solar energy device if those rules do not prevent the installation, impair the functioning of the device or restrict its use or adversely affect the cost or efficiency of the device.

C. Not withstanding any provision of the community documents, the court shall award reasonable attorney fees and costs to any party who substantially prevails in an action against the board of directors of the association for a violation of this section.

"Collector" means a component of a solar energy device that is used to absorb solar radiation, convert it to heat or electricity and transfer the heat to a heat transfer fluid or to storage. "Heat exchanger" means a component of a solar energy device that is used to transfer heat from one fluid to another. "Solar daylighting" means a device specifically designed to capture and redirect the visible portion of the solar beam spectrum, while controlling the infrared portion, for the use in illumination interior building spaces in lieu of artificial lighting. "Solar energy device" means a system or series of mechanisms designed primarily to provide heating, to provide heating, to provide cooling, to produce electrical power, to produce mechanical power, to provide solar daylighting or to provide any combination of the foregoing by means of collecting and transferring solar generated energy into such uses either by active or passive means. Such systems may also have the capability of storing such energy for future utilization. Passive system shall clearly be designed as a solar energy device such as a trombe wall and not merely a part of a normal structure such as a window. "Storage unit" means a component of a solar energy device that is used to store solar generated electricity or heat for later use.

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