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Solar Panel Cleaning is an important part of maintaining your solar energy system as required by the manufacture to maintain its warranty. Sparkle Clean Solar System dirt repellent treatment can help maintain your system performance and reduce maintenance. Without our treatment products or a regular cleaning service to prevent corrosion from mineral deposits, plant matter, dust, or other debris, your warranty could be voided.

Solar Panel Dirt Repellent Maintains Solar Panel Efficiency

The 180 country patented product exclusive to PEP Solar is the world’s first renewable coating for the preservation, enhancement and preventive soiling of all glass, porcelain and ceramics systems. It's similar to Rain-X, but specifically engineered for solar panels.

Invisible Protection for Solar Panels

Through extensive research and development, PEP Solar now offers Sparkle Clean Solar System product specifically designed to clean and protect solar panels. A new 3D Nanocoat Technology, provides an invisible, long lasting, and renewable protection for the preservation, enhancement and energy efficiency of solar panels.

Sparkle Clean Solar System repels water, soil & stains for easier cleaning and improved efficiency.

The Sparkle Clean Solar System nanoscale repellent finish keeps water, soil & stains on top of the surface from penetrating for easier cleaning.

Sparkle Clean Solar System© is great for all types of glass solar panels. Easily and quickly applied. Single treatment with two rinses per year last one year. Sparkle Clean Solar System™ provides an invisible, long lasting nano-resistant barrier coating. Improve soil-resistance for tube, mirrors & photovoltaic solar collectors. Rejuvenate to keep surfaces cleaner

and easier to maintain. Sparkle Clean Solar System™ is an instant dirt repellent keeping grime, soil, pollution, minerals, dust from fields and water spots on on top of the surface so it’s easily rinsed off. Most grime and dirt is sticky from so this is an excellent for treating large glass surfaces. Finally, a perfect application for the energy production preservation of solar panels.


Before treatment, remove any existing water spots, pollution, soap build-up & mineral deposits; being sure to dry the surface. (1.) Apply Sparkle Clean Solar System to a clean cloth, soft mop head, or other applicator and polish onto surface using a firm, circular, and overlapping motion. (2.) Re-apply to ensure complete coverage starting from the first solar panel. (3.) When a slight haze has formed, remove by rinsing and polishing with a clean, soft cloth or second mop head. If haze persists, sprinkle again with water and polish until crystal clear, sparkling and protected!

Solar Panel Cleaning is an important part of maintaining your solar energy system. PEP Solar has Sparkle Clean Solar System Regular cleaning service to prevent corrosion from mineral deposits, plant matter, dust, and other debris. Rain can partially clean your solar panels, although large dust storms or repeated dusting over 90 days, small rain storms lack the power to remove most grime and deposits. Rainstorms can sometimes add to the problem, providing a means for the Arizona dust and debris to adhere to your panels. A good example of this is the dust and debris left on your car after a small rain storm with a dust storm. Most systems are easy to get to, and a simple hose will do, but long term dust can stick to the modules.

Cleaning Tips:

Never use an abrasive soap- the goal is to get the glass clean and clear as possible so you do not want to scratch it.

A pool skimmer with a soft cloth on the end should reach the really high roofs. This is a perfect applicator to maintain solar panels.

Not only do solar panels themselves need cleaning, any framing around the panel should be cleaned as well.

With a consummate commitment to user safety and the environment, PEP WorldWide Solar adheres to the highest standards to review its products for the consumer and institutional user. We are the master dealer maintaining access to the specialty cleaning and coating products that are safe, environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, VOC free and which are renewable without leaving any residue or buildup on the surface. Environmentally preferable “green” products…

Why you may need to clean your solar panels? According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory ( “high-traffic, high-pollution areas with infrequent rain” experience energy losses of up to 25% because of foreign matter coating the panels as reported in 2011. Considering this, an average size residential solar system (about 7kw) would lose about 1,800 watts per year, representing some loss. Even a smaller system experiencing a smaller reduction in efficiency benefits from regular cleaning, can sometimes justify the expense if you are in outlying major city areas.

Even though most panel manufactures require solar panels to be cleaned regularly, it is important you clean your solar panels, so you are not losing out on your investment.

For more information from our national government website known as NREL NREL: PVWatts – How to Change Parameters reported in 2011. Retrieved from

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Do not expose to flame or store at temperatures above 120 F (49 C). If splashed into eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes and see physician if

irritation develops. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN - Questions / Comments? Call 844-SPARK81 (844)772-7581 M - F, 9 - 4 MST

Patent U.S. 8,735,618

  • Lasting protection keeps solar panels cleaner and efficient in between periodic washings
  • Products are easy-to-use in pre or post manufacturture applications
  • Safe on glass, plastic or thin film panels
  • Prevents water, soil and mineral deposit buildup
  • Removes the toughest solar panel stains
  • Cleans, repells and protects panels in 1-step for easier cleaning and maintains energy efficiencies
  • A single application lasts for 2 to 3 years

Important Surface Care Benefits:

  • Durable Nano-Protective Technologies
  • Repels Water, Soil & Stains
  • Protects Surfaces for Easier Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Prevents Mineral & Soil build-up
  • Improves Appearance
  • Protects Surfaces from Re-soiling & Staining
  • Keeps Surfaces Sanitary
  • Saves Time, Labor & Chemicals
  • User Safe & Environmentally Compliant


Why should I even clean my solar panels? Over time dust, bird droppings and debris can accumulate on your solar panels…

Clean solar panels result in increased panel output as much as 5 to 30% since dirty panels are not doing any favors. Solar panels protected…

What is Sparkle Clean Solar System®? It is an ultra-thin, invisible, long lasting chemical-resistant barrier coating that bonds to the mirror & photovoltaic panels…

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