solar LED skylight

Start enjoying the benefits of solar powered, full spectrum, natural sunlight in your home, office, retail outlet, school, or factory.

introducing the solaro day™ – “the skylight that’s not!™”

There’s light outside, so turn off your old fashioned, power guzzling lights and plug into the power of the sun with the Solaro Day™. Start enjoying the benefits of solar-powered full spectrum natural sunlight in your life. The Solaro Day™ daylight simulator can be used inside your home, office or any other structure, on any level.

Strong 25 year warranty on the solar panel and diffuser, 10 year warranty on the Opto Semiconductor and light engine

The Opto Semiconductors used in the Solaro Day™ are better than basic LEDs because they have a brighter light and longer life span.

The diffuser is made of modified acrylic and masterfully hides the individual Opto Semiconductors to give a smooth appearance with a very minimal loss of light.

Installation is not inhibited by the structure of a building. It can be installed anywhere! View Installation Instructions

Creates the same daylight as a traditional tubular skylight without costly installation or cutting large intrusive holes in your roof or ceiling.

A small ¼” diameter hole in the roof and a 4” hole in the ceiling for the remodel box, snap together the interconnect cable and it’s done. Fast and simple.

Each kit includes all mounting hardware and 25 feet of 18 gauge double insulated copper wire manufactured to be weatherproof and sunlight resistant which insures the best powering and low energy loss over longer runs. Additional lengths of wire are available for purchase. For wire runs from 1-50 feet use 18 gauge wire, 50-100 feet 14 gauge and 100+ 12 gauge.

  • As portable as any other ceiling type fixture. You can take it with you when you move. Can you say that about a skylight?
  • Electronics of highest quality with latest technology.
  • Helps keep the planet green. Conserves energy, promotes off-grid independence, reduces landfill.
  • No harmful substances in the bulb. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury that is a toxic substance and dangerous to your health.

The Solaro Day™ will also encourage plant growth because it provides the light colors plants need for growth. The Solaro Day Grow Light is also available specifically designed to provide plants with only the light they need to produce a beautiful healthy plant indoors without wasting energy producing light they don’t need. For more information contact us at 623.806.8806

No Harmful UV produced by this light so no need to worry about fading carpets and furniture using the Solaro Day™. Both incandescent and fluorescent lights produce UV but the Solaro Day™ does not.

pep does not out smart our customers. we provide you with solutions.

Efficient, affordable and virtually maintenance free, PEP Solar has many solar products to offer. PEP Solar has been servicing, repairing, and installing solar since 1981. Our products include Smart Solar Energy Storage Systems to Sparkle Clean Solar System with advanced custom designs. Contact us to find out why PEP Solar is one of the best options for you (623)806-8806.

3rd generation panels are here!

  • PEP Solar is OSHA-10 and Fall-Protection Qualified
  • Up To 30 Years Solar MFG Power Guarantee on Select Models
  • 25 year Inverter MFG Warranty
  • Highest Quality Guaranteed Production Power
  • Made In USA, and some Assembled USA
  • Lifetime Monitoring
  • Tier 1 -Vertically Integrated Panel
  • Premium High Quality Offering
  • Producing up to 10% More Energy Than 99% of Other Solar PV
  • Go Solar !