solar LED lighting

Great for security, adding night time beauty and designs with long term warranties. Ideal for low level commercial, architectural lighting, solar LED desert landscapes, and alley safety. Immediate payback with a price point of traditional hardwired lighting such as HOA lighting options without ongoing electric bills. No permit required and installation is made simple.

Ever since solar power became portable, people have thought of as many solar power uses as possible. What made solar power so attractive for outdoor lighting was its portability – replacing the need for long, unsightly extension leads in the garden. Initially individuals tried using compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, but the small solar panels could not produce enough wattage for the lights to burn bright enough.

As a result the solar light market was limited to places near the equator with large amounts of sunlight. And even then the solar panels and batteries had to be large enough to cater for the period of longest nights, shortest days and cloudiest conditions.

1. Optimized system efficiency LED lights are now capable of optimizing current flows, where no power is wasted, so the overall system efficiency is almost 100 percent.

2. LED’s can be fine tuned since solar LED lights can be programmed, users are now able to select not only where the light is delivered but also how brightly and when it is delivered. This has led to a reduction in solar panel and battery size by as much as 50 percent of the original outdoor lighting system.

3. Effective illumination LED lights are able to provide directional beams of light, where about 90 percent can be used for ambient lighting and a further 70 percent for task lighting. Furthermore, a 45 lumen LED light can create the same amount of light as a 75 lumen CFL bulb, resulting in lower electricity usage and costs for running a home power solar lighting system.

4. Improved performance, efficiency and life span in cold temperatures “most” outdoor lamps tend to lose performance and lifetime in colder temperatures – where they seem rather dim or burn out very quickly in subzero climates. But LED’s are different – they don’t produce light from a filament, but rather a microchip. And since microchips run better at lower temperatures, solar LED lights can last 5 to 10 times longer than CFL bulbs

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Model Number: PEP-F60 60W

High-power LED Street Lamp

Low Decay Feature and IP65 Protection Grade

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Input voltage: 85 to 265V AC
  • System frequency: 50 to 60Hz
  • Power consumption: 60W
  • Environmental protection, mercury-less and non-pollution
  • Life span: >50,000hrs
  • High luminous efficiency
  • Full voltage range constant, constant current and PWM technology
  • Power factor: >85%
  • Chromogenic index: Ra80
  • LED luminous flux: 5,200lm
  • Illumination: >45Lux (height: 8m)
  • Coverage: 30m
  • Color temperature: 5,500 to 6,500K
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Work under low voltage and low heat
  • Dimensions: 540 x 340 x 110mm

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Efficient, affordable and virtually maintenance free, PEP Solar has many solar products to offer. PEP Solar has been servicing, repairing, and installing solar since 1981. Our products include Smart Solar Energy Storage Systems to Sparkle Clean Solar System with advanced custom designs. Contact us to find out why PEP Solar is one of the best options for you (623)806-8806.

3rd generation panels are here!

  • PEP Solar is OSHA-10 and Fall-Protection Qualified
  • Up To 30 Years Solar MFG Power Guarantee on Select Models
  • 25 year Inverter MFG Warranty
  • Highest Quality Guaranteed Production Power
  • Made In USA, and some Assembled USA
  • Lifetime Monitoring
  • Tier 1 -Vertically Integrated Panel
  • Premium High Quality Offering
  • Producing up to 10% More Energy Than 99% of Other Solar PV
  • Go Solar !