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We think that you will agree, solar is showing up everywhere and Arizona is an excellent place for it.

your solar home in color

Back in the day Black and White televisions where the most popular in living rooms across America, but then color tv’s started taking off. Solar In Color™ is comparable. PEP has been listening to our customers since 1981 and now to match traditional architectural surroundings we help you balance your design and function at the same time.

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Solar In Color™ efficiently captures sun energy and converts it to electricity like other conventional systems. It just happens to allow for many other applications for architectural sensitive locations and beautiful solutions. Solar In Color™ is able to blend with rooftops with more color blending options increasing your aesthetic odds. Show Your True Solar Colors™ and become creative.

With so many solar in colors available, your options are endless:

  • Tile Red
  • Polished Marble
  • Polished Slate
  • Metallic Gold
  • Emerald Green
  • Forest Green
  • Earth Brown
  • Ocean Blue
  • Sapphire Blue
  • Lavender
  • Pink Diamonds

We are asked, is the efficiency affected by the solar in color process? The Solar In Color option performance was tested at the National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL) and the panels are equally efficient to standard black and white solar modules.

Where are the Solar In Color panels made?

They are manufactured right here in the USA.

Can I asked for custom colors or a design option?

Absolutely, although it does add an additional 6 to 8 weeks for creating. There is an extra charge beyond the 11 Solar In Colors you can choose from today. The possibilities are endless.

Just like in the 1950’s when black and white TV was the norm in our living rooms, but by the Sixties TV programming starting showing up in color. Color TV’s started to take off comparable where to other technological changes. Solar has changed very slowly, and it will probably continue this slow change due to the laws of energy in general. Although, you have a new option of self-expression with design features to help you make that choice to go solar today.

Will my Solar In Color panels maintain its luster and color?

The process to create your panels in color is taken very seriously. So the frames are actually deionized coloring, as well as the other propriety MFG steps taken to ensure a long lasting color. Homeowners care about quality, and appreciate options to step up traditional architectural ideas. With PEP Solar's #1 solar install designs, your solar project is made easy.

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pep does not out smart our customers. we provide you with solutions.

Efficient, affordable and virtually maintenance free, PEP Solar has many solar products to offer. PEP Solar has been servicing, repairing, and installing solar since 1981. Our products include Smart Solar Energy Storage Systems to Sparkle Clean Solar System with advanced custom designs. Contact us to find out why PEP Solar is one of the best options for you (623)806-8806.

3rd generation panels are here!

  • PEP Solar is OSHA-10 and Fall-Protection Qualified
  • Up To 30 Years Solar MFG Power Guarantee on Select Models
  • 25 year Inverter MFG Warranty
  • Highest Quality Guaranteed Production Power
  • Made In USA, and some Assembled USA
  • Lifetime Monitoring
  • Tier 1 -Vertically Integrated Panel
  • Premium High Quality Offering
  • Producing up to 25% More Energy Than 99% of Other Solar PV
  • Go Solar !