off grid my water heater

The new Solar Hybrid Water Heater provides maximum water-heating efficiency in one appliance by combining the advanced Sun Bandit PV micro-grid technology with solar electric panels.

unplug and power up™

Have you ever wondered, “what you would do if the grid went down”? PEP Solar has a solution perfect for you. We are now offering a way to help protect your family from power outages.

Switch your water heating from utility coal systems to the sun. Our off grid solar water heating system does not require utility approval, avoids utility rate increases and as long as the sun shines your system will heat your water for day and night use.

Solar Hybrid Energy System patented technologies eliminates the need for complex solar mechanical water heating and replaces it with clean, simple to install and easy to enjoy PV technology to effectively and efficiently provide hot water. With advance micro grid technology and design, PEP Solar can deliver hot water even when the grid goes down. Our Solar Hybrid Energy System is the simplest solar hot water solution on the market, providing the most easy-to-use and economical way to go solar.

Several Models Available Ready For Install

Why install fossil-fuel guzzling traditional water heaters when PEP Solar can get your Sun Bandit® Hybrid Energy System installed in your home or business?

  • No Solar Tax
  • No Grid-Down / Brown-Out Worry
  • You Are In Control Not Your Utility
  • Use Hot Water When YOU Want To
  • Off Grid Electric or Hybrid

PEP Solar is once again providing a new way to heat water. The new Solar Hybrid Gas Water Heaters provides maximum water-heating efficiency in one appliance by combining the advanced Sun Bandit PV micro-grid technology with a natural gas or propane burner.

These tanks are made in the USA and feature a 76,000 BTU Gas Burner and provide 100 gallons of storage. This revolutionary new product is available with or without an internal heating coil for expanded heating capabilities. Sun Bandit Solar Hybrid Gas Water Heaters can be installed as a stand alone or as a preheat for a variety of residential and commercial applications.

With PEP Solar’s multiple off grid products, you can choose one appliance at a time. The Sun Bandit has made it easy and made it American.

Sun Bandit Solar Hybrid Gas Water Heaters provide unmatched economic benefits by maximizing the FREE energy of the sun while seamlessly integrating natural gas or propane as backup when necessary.

PROPANE is Expensive, so if you are using this expensive energy, you need a New Sun Bandit today.

PEP Solar founded it’s values in 1978 as a professional with a strong commitment to environmentally responsible living, and you will find Sun Bandit to be a great way to start your step to an off grid lifestyle. In addition to enjoying the low cost and free hot water Sun Bandit provides, you may be eligible for substantial tax benefits.

It's time to create your own energy. As PEP Solar has always stated, why pay for electricity when you can make your own? If you own a home or a commercial building, you understand the benefits of ownership: controlled costs, a return on your investment, equity boost, and pay yourself for energy use.

Your utility company is investing heavily on large-scale renewable energy projects that will produce clean energy they can sell at a profit and they are using your tax dollars to help them meet state and federal regulatory requirements. Why? So they can sell it right back to you!

As owners of a Smart Solar Homes™ in the Southwest, our goal should be to fix our costs over a reasonable payback period and then own the energy produced thereafter. Photovoltaic solar systems offer an incredible investment and reduce deadly carbon emissions for you, and your family.

System equipment costs have come down and tax and incentives may soon go down, as well. Incentives are currently being re-evaluated on all levels, so waiting is not a good plan. A good plan is to move to solar now while the timing is still optimal.

pep does not out smart our customers. we provide you with solutions.

Efficient, affordable and virtually maintenance free, PEP Solar has many solar products to offer. PEP Solar has been servicing, repairing, and installing solar since 1981. Our products include Smart Solar Energy Storage Systems to Sparkle Clean Solar System with advanced custom designs. Contact us to find out why PEP Solar is one of the best options for you (623)806-8806.

3rd generation panels are here!

  • PEP Solar is OSHA-10 and Fall-Protection Qualified
  • Up To 30 Years Solar MFG Power Guarantee on Select Models
  • 25 year Inverter MFG Warranty
  • Highest Quality Guaranteed Production Power
  • Made In USA, and some Assembled USA
  • Lifetime Monitoring
  • Tier 1 -Vertically Integrated Panel
  • Premium High Quality Offering
  • Producing up to 25% More Energy Than 99% of Other Solar PV
  • Go Solar !