micro wind turbine

The micro wind turbine, due to its its size, weight, and style in blade formation, allows birds and bats to see and fly around the technology while making no noise or vibration. The micro wind turbine has a beautiful design complimentary to your home or business.

wind turbines can be good for the environment!

Traditional and older wind technologies have restrictions where you may want to install a wind turbine. Many times the local code requires more than one acre and a very tall tower to to be install to prevent noise, nuisance to neighbors, and the environment.

The micro wind turbine because of its size, weight, style of blade formation allows birds and bats to see and fly around the technology while making no noise or vibration. It can withstand high typhoon winds, and the rugged material can handle hot and freezing weather conditions with ease.

The micro wind turbine is a spherical small wind turbine with a diameter of 1 meter. The micro wind turbine has 6 rotor blades and it is particularly suitable for installation in urban area’s. Since the micro wind turbine does not cause any nuisance due to noise or shadow, permits are generally granted faster than comparable small wind turbines. The micro wind turbine is installed on a free standing pole with a total height of 10 or 12 meters, or on a flat roof mast with a total height of 3 meters.

At a wind speed of 17 m/s the micro wind turbine reaches its maximum output. The maximum output of the micro wind turbine is 550 Watt. When the micro wind turbine is delivering its maximum output, the power supplied to the grid by the WindPower Inverter is 500 W. The micro wind turbine is capable of generating 500kWh per year at a site with an average wind speed of 7 m/s. It is however necessary to install the micro wind turbine in an open location on top of a high pole (12 m) to achieve this performance.

wasted energy is captured!

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For wind challenged areas like Phoenix Arizona and connecting cities, hotels (or workout facilities or hospitals) who ventilate 24/7 air for all types of reasons: moisture, cooking, laundry, restrooms, cooling, heating are great locations for this product.

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