load controller

Constantly measures the usage of power in your home and directs efficiently to a pre-set priority which lowers your demand and thus your bill.

load controller system 1000 series

This is the Load Controller System 1000 series outdoor display panel. The digital read out offers information including: time of day, current demand limit set point, current home power usage and has a locking hinged door. This system is easy to interface with, is very reliable and resistant to lightning activity. A load controller belongs on every home on the APS power grid in conjunction with the "Combined Advantage rate. Why pay 14 cents per kwh on the Time Advantage Rate when you can be spending 5 cents on the Combined Advantage Rate? The savings are real and you won't even know it's working! Contact us for an energy audit and an APS utility rate analysis. This unit is fully compatible with all local electric rates, has built -in calendars and several timers. These timers tell the Load Controller System 1000 when off peak rates start, what day it is and the current time. You can set your water heater to run during off peak times using the built-in timers as well. The internal timers and micro-processor are backed up with a lifetime lithium battery to retain program memory during power outages. Load controller is like a cruise control for your electric system. You set the level of savings, you reap the benefits. How does a load controller work? A load controller is an outdoor computer that is installed next to your breaker panel and is connected to the 220v appliances like A/C units, clothes dryers, water heaters, electric spa heaters, etc.

Note: Recommended for APS Areas Only

  • Load Controller for Demand Rates
  • Installed Into Your Electric Panel
  • Great for Vacationers or Part-time Residence

your load controller is ready

This unit constantly measures the usage of power in your home and directs efficiently to a pre-set priority which lowers your demand and thus your bill. As the demand increases, the load controller "sheds" (shuts off), lower priority appliances to maintain a user pre-set demand level. Dropping your demand 5 kW = a $60 reduction per month. It's easy to calculate your savings based on these numbers (estimate based on a 1500 square foot, all electric home), larger homes have demonstrate bigger savings. Examples of kW (kilowatt) loads in a residence:

Electric Clothes Dryer: 6 kW

Electric Water Heater: 4.5 kW

3 Ton Heat Pump: 5.6 kW (1.6 kW per ton)

5 Ton Heat Pump: 8 kW (15 yr old heat/p: 11kW)

Range: 2.5 kW per burner

Oven: 5 kW

Pool pump (per pump): 2 kW

Electric Spa Heater: 10-20 kW

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