inter grid generators

Inter-Grid Generator (U.S. Patent Pending) - What are they and how do they work? Most modern day solar systems are considered Grid-inter-tied systems designed to be "on the grid" while electricity is provided from a power utility.

These systems generate power and feed it directly into the power grid. When it is necessary to add an Inter-Grid Generator, the components cannot interrupt the solar electricity feed into the electrical panel nor can the components of the generator connect real circuits for the home or business to the utility.

Our generator will allow your system to turn on by manual transfer or auto transfer of temporary emergency power by a propane or diesel power model with a certain number of circuit packages.

With our emergency backup generators you can now phase in protection for your family or business when grid down situations happen. Our flexibility allow you to decide to phase in the system after we install the solar electric system. In every case your main electrical panel must be upgraded and an added sub-panel required.

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  • Elder Care
  • Blood Bank
  • Wine Preservation
  • Communications
  • Security
  • Hospitals
  • Grid Ready for Grid Down

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