Car Charging Station

You’ll often hear about particular charging described by its charge “level” as Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3. These different charging types are distinguished by their utility

Different Types of Charging

“LEVEL 1” EV AC Charging:

Level 1 charging uses a standard 120V outlet and takes 12 to 21 hours to charge a depleted EV or electric vehicle. Level 1 charging systems are designed to be portable and used just in case of a road side emergency, when the driver is running low on a charge and needs to Plug-In. This version cannot charge less than 12 hours.

“LEVEL 2” EV AC Charging (PEP Solar Recommends for your home, provides, and installs):

Level 2 Charging Stations deliver the most reliable AC power safety to your electric vehicle. The power from the Charging Station is fed to the car’s on-board charger (An on-board charger is small enough to be integrated into the car). With the Level 2 off-board Charging Station’s help, the battery can be powered up in 4 to 8 hours (full cycle charge to a 24kWh battery.) This usually occurs at home when you the driver is sleeping. The convenient charging is known as “opportunity charging”, because it calls for recharging during "low cost periods" and down time during sleep, work, or play.

LEVEL 3” EV DC Charging (usually business or commercial EV charging):

Level 3 Charging Stations use larger amounts of power and current to bypass the vehicle’s on-board charger with fast and reliable DC charge in just a few minutes instead of hours. DC charging solutions have been vetted for more than a decade for most industrial applications. Examples are auto plants, airports, and retail distribution. Level 3 DC charging is ideal for public charging infrastructure; charging large vehicles with big batteries such as buses; and commercial or service fleets requiring very little recharging downtime.

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